Lost an earring?

Many of us have experienced that sinking feeling in our stomach as we have watched an earring, or other small item of jewellery, disappear down the sink. The good news is that just because you lose something down the sink does not mean that it is lost forever. There is still a good chance that […]

Shanghai for beginners

My knowledge of Shanghai was previously restricted to Kung Fu films showing a bunch of dudes whooping ass wearing leather jackets. In fact, ‘Shanghai’ could’ve easily been any Chinatown in the world, according to my cinematically restricted fantasy. So what’s it really like? For starters, big. Shanghai is home to 24 million people. The city is […]

5 truths about your body

You are going to get fat ‘I was so thin but I thought I was so fat’ is a common statement among women looking at old photos of themselves.  At every stage of my life I have routinely thought ‘I am so fat’ and taken various measures to address this supposed problem. That is, until now. […]

Hot spot: Bogor, Indonesia

How well do you think you know Indonesia? For starters, how many islands are there? Answer: 18,306 (!). Did you know that Indonesia has the most active volcanoes of any nation in the world? And what about geography? Can you point out Jakarta on a map? Most Australians have heard of Bali and some will have even […]

To the little dude in my stomach

You’re still growing. Your ETA in this world is still months away. Until then, I just want to share a story about what kind of guy your Dad is. He got side-swiped in traffic this morning. The other driver was a P-plater and she pulled out without properly looking. To give you some background, he’s […]

Goodbye perfection

Ridding yourself of the need – or desire – for perfection is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself because it’s a package deal. When you say ‘see ya later’ to perfection, expectation and disappointment get walked off the gangplank too. I’ve been painting a bit recently. The hidden bonus, beyond the calm […]

Beijing for beginners

Previously when I thought about Beijing, what I imagined was a dystopian mega-opolis, heaving with dust mask-wearing cyclists. Proletariats laboured their way to factory jobs, breathing in smog and surviving on minimum wage What I discovered upon arrival was quite different. I saw landscaping. Miles and miles of manicured gardens, trellised roses separating busy lanes of traffic, and […]