Thoughts on Australia Day

One of the hardest lessons of my life has been accepting that there is no such thing as 100% good. Tomorrow is Australia Day, called Invasion Day by some. Like any day of the year, duality reigns supreme. Colonisation sucked big time for Aboriginal people, in the same way it has sucked for indigenous people everywhere. […]

Say hello to the Hawaii Admirer

  Ashlee Galea is a little bit famous amongst Australian Hawaii-philes. She followed her passion and now lives in Hawaii (*swoon*) and has launched The Hawaii Admirer, a vital resource for anyone planning a trip to the islands. Read on to find out more about this inspirational human and her spiritual (and now physical) home: […]

The weight of sorrow

You know when you’re at the deli and the deli assistant weighs the plastic container and then deducts it from the weight of the olives? I think life is a bit like that. We see and quantify the substance of a person as we find them today, but what of the weight of past sorrows? […]

Hierarchy of needs

We all have needs, as outlined by Abraham Maslow above, and yet we can be quite specialised in what is most necessary to our health and happiness. Some people don’t need a lot of sleep. Others are the human equivalent of koalas. Some people need to go running to stay sane. Others will get shin splits just looking […]

Un-goals for 2017

I love new year, mostly because I get given a lot of calendars. I always feel a little bit ripped off if I have to flick straight to July. In previous years, I have made ambitious lists of goals but this year, my objective is merely to survive and not accidentally kill my newborn baby. […]

Time to expand

I’m 30 weeks pregnant today so expansion is front and centre for me right now. I can’t hug my husband without my camel hump of a belly getting in the way. Beyond this, I have been thinking a lot about life expansion. It’s so easy to stay comfortable – to keep doing what you’re good […]