Why we need more Vikings

I have just finished binge watching Season 4 of Vikings and I am now completely intrigued by viking culture. I’m not talking about the pillaging and rapacious violence. What I’m referring to is how women were treated. As equals. Women went on raids. Women engaged in warfare. Women were high priestesses and queens who had the […]

Bellbird Dining + Bar

When quality local produce, cheerful staff and a relaxing setting – complete with actual bellbirds – come together, it’s a happy union. Bellbird Dining + Bar at Casula Powerhouse in Sydney’s South West is all of this, and more. The chef, Federico Rekowski, cares deeply about what he puts on the plate. The fresh goats curd, for […]

Gold thread

If you imagine that every day is a thread in a tapestry that you are weaving, ask yourself: what colour was today? The cumulative effect will be visible when you finish. The mistakes, the design choices, the colours and complexity. What do you want the overall picture to look like? Every single day contributes to the […]

Dear Aunty Em: Sex number

‘My boyfriend wants to know how many people I’ve slept with. I know how many people he’s slept with and my number is way higher. What should I do? Tell the truth or lie?’ – Sexy McSexface Dear Sexy McSexface, Men are funny. They want to date an attractive girl but then act all surprised when she’s popular. […]

The problem with government

The first problem is recruitment. Do you know how to get involved in politics? If you wanted to run for the local council, your State Government seat, or for the Federal seat in your electorate, do you know how to go about it? Have you met any politicians lately? Have you had a chance to speak […]

How to find a Bali villa

This has truly been one of those weeks. Joey is teething and has also learnt to crawl. I have at least 100 new grey hairs. I have also had some weird tummy bug, been crushed by deadlines and for some mysterious reason, can’t sleep. Such fun. Naturally, my thoughts turn to holidays. Namely, when am I […]

Small life

  I have a lot going on in a small space. My world used to be huge. I would fly interstate and overseas without a second thought. Sydney Airport felt like a second home. But now? I haven’t even had time to pick up my new passport which has been languishing, uncollected, for four months. […]