Goodbye stupid fun

It’s depressing to realise that my wild years are over. I went out on Saturday night and didn’t even make it to dessert. The day that sleep beats molten chocolate lava pudding is a grave one. The knock-on realisation is that I have to stick to my routine. If I stay up too late, drink […]

Dear Aunty Em: Stay or go?

‘I am at the same employer now for eight years and am in my third role. My manager has cut all our salaries and significantly increased our workloads. I’ve been told I’m lucky to work here and that there’s people banging down the door to take my job. I’m comfortable here, I know the people […]

Dear Aunty Em: Dating losers

‘I keep dating total losers and then getting dumped. What the hell is wrong with me?’ – Losing at love Dear Losing at love, Oh boy. I can relate. There was a time when I was dating the used Bandaids from the bottom of the gene pool. There was the biter – who at least had […]

Swimming holes in Sydney’s South West

Freshwater swimming holes are one of my favourite things.  I have spent years ogling the pictures of people lounging about in waterholes in the Northern Territory (the ones without crocodiles) so it was with great delight that I realised that my new neighbourhood has loads of swimming holes of its own. I have been on […]

Feminism is confusing

I was listening to the hilarious Guilty Feminist podcast this morning and it made me realise that feminism – and indeed, being female – is confusing. I have spent my whole life trying to get male approval and attention. I am on the chunky side and my weight has always made me feel inferior to anyone […]

East Coast garden adventure

Garden-fanciers are a funny bunch. You will often find them wandering around with leaves in their hair and mud on their boots, inspecting flowers and pinching herbs. So where should these gnome-like creatures holiday? And where in Australia can a plant lover get down and dirty? It turns out that the coastal driving route between […]

Joey: A year in review

I have been a mum for nearly a year now. Our beautiful baby Joey turns one on Saturday. So what’s it like? And have I learnt anything? Without sounding hyperbolic, becoming a mum has given me a reason to live; a defined purpose that begins and ends with keeping my son happy and healthy. This […]