Sponsored video: Kia Ora hot ladies!

So I talked about the making of the new Air New Zealand safety video earlier this week and now it’s here:

What I love about this safety demo-cum-advertisement is the incorporation of Cook Islands’ traditions; hula dancing, hangis (cooking underground), canoeing and the ever-present leis that are a huge part of South Pacific culture. Air New Zealand has always taken risks with its marketing and put a fun face on the sombre business of operating an airline.

This production goes a step further than they have in the past to incorporate one of its popular outbound destinations. The Cook Islands are an enormously popular destination with kiwis and the local Tourism Board in Australia has worked for many years to encourage Aussies to go, with barriers generally being price, distance and direct air access (Fiji and Vanuatu are closer and cheaper). I wonder if this campaign will see a bump in tourist numbers to the Cook Islands or if it will just be a pretty piece of frivolity?

Sponsored by Air New Zealand.

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