Blatant plug for my awesome new client,

new-client-travelcandy-com-auSo you know how I was whining about being broke last week? Well, something really cool happened.

I met up with my friends Ben and Cass and it turns out that Ben has launched a new business called with two of his mates, Sam and Raph.

One thing led to another and they offered me the gig as their publicist.

In an attempt to illustrate said PR skills, I am telling you about them. is Australia’s newest VIP travel club. By joining, members receive access to exclusive deals on Australia-wide accommodation.

Until the end of February, will support Queensland tourism by donating all of its booking fees to The Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal while waiving all commission for Queensland-based operators.

They are good guys doing kind deeds to support the sunshine state.

If that’s not enough of a reason to sign up to, please just do it to make me look good. I will buy you a beer.

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