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How to travel on a shoe-string budget

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Organising the funds to head off and travel with can prove hard enough, so if you find yourself struggling for cash as your tour the world; you are not alone. We have all been there and largely it is a case of ‘learn by doing’, so to speak. Tips can be especially useful as well, I myself have learned from the best and even adapted tips and tricks personal benefit. After my success at budgeting and staying within my financial means, I thought it best to relay that information to you guys for anyone that is seeking a bit of help.

The first tip would be look for the cheap yet unbelievably fun activities. Ones that involve socialising are usually the best ones, as you can find yourself meeting new friends while sticking to cheap alternatives that you could even profit from.

An example of this would be a trip to a casino or a bingo hall. You are definitely likely to make new friends in this type of environment as the games on offer are the type that you don’t play on teams, nor do you need to know anybody before you begin to play. While Australian online casinos can offer you the best deals and offers, real life casinos can offer you the chance to make friends, bingo halls especially.

One game of bingo can cost as little as a few dollars, and if you consider that you might win a jackpot, all the while making friends, it seems almost too good to pass up when it comes to a night out in between travelling to destinations.

Another tip is to shop around for places to stay on weekends. Although a hostel might appear to be the cheapest option, I often find that if you head to the business sector of the city/location you are staying in, then you might find a cheaper room. This is because hotel prices in the business sectors are often left largely un-booked due to businessmen and women going home for weekends. Cue the low prices and the chance to take advantage of them. You would be surprised at how often this does in fact work.

Free tours are another way to limit costs and have a surprisingly enjoyable day, evening or even weekend in a particular location. It’s a trend that has been picked up in Europe more so than elsewhere so far, but the chance to meet some locals and some fellow travellers alike have proved to be favourite past-time of mine when heading abroad.

The final tip is to simply not worry about the cash. When it is all said and done, there are a lot of friendly people out there who would love to meet a traveller and give them a bed in return for an evening of chatter and conversing. Granted, it is best to be on your toes in these situations, but for the most part, enjoying your trip and not worrying about finances until they are seriously depleting will be the most successful to head off on your travels.

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