Human Brochure

I just got back from a totally kick ass weekend in Canberra.

Yes folks – CANBERRA.

The Australian Capital Tourism board came up with this thing called The Human Brochure where they invited a bunch of social media influencers down for a weekend of non-stop good times in one of four streams; Family Fun, Food and Wine, Adventure or Arts and Culture.

Canberra weekend

Instagram was one of the platforms that I spammed the bejeezus out of all weekend. Yeah, sorry about that.

The Literate Chicken and I were lucky enough to be with the arty group which meant we got to go to The War Memorial (*sniff*), behind-the-scenes at The National Library (musty smelling), have a fancy lunch at Book Plate Cafe overlooking Lake Burley-Griffin (super fance), check out the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition at The National Gallery (hello prostitutes!), have dinner at Lanterne Room, have a picnic and a tour at Old Parliament House (Mad Men meets West Wing), make a glass postcard at the Canberra Glassworks and then wander around The Old Bus Depot Markets where I ate a French chicken banguette with mayonnaise that changed my life.

 We also stayed at the coolest hotel I have ever seen with my own eyes: The East Hotel.

In summary: AWESOME weekend.

Last year, I visited Canberra for Floriade which was the beginning of my fledgling love affair.

Now that we’ve been on a second date – me and Canberra, that is – I am starting to see the virtues of this weird little place that is neither sea nor snow; country or city.

Canberra turns 100 this year and I’ve got to say, for its age, it’s a real goer. I think we’ll be seeing each other again.


3 Responses to “Human Brochure”
  1. Gerald Englebretsen says:

    As you were in Canberra – I hope you were politically correct at every opportunity!
    Glad you enjoyed. This was round-two of the Human.Brochure experience. I spoke to folks who were on the first and they loved it too.
    Best Rgds

  2. Great post Emma. Isn’t East Hotel cool? And I love the stained glass windows at the Library. Glad you enjoyed the weekend so much. I think it’s awesome too – that’s why I live here!

  3. mel says:

    As a fellow human, I also have to say that the trip ROCKED. It was all organised so well, and everyone we encountered – from wait staff to hotel staff to tour guides – were so happy to have us there.

    In conclusion, FABULOUS. Thanks for letting me share it with you, Miss Em.

    Everyone else: Go to Canberra! It’s surprisingly awesome!

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