Sydney nudist beach

Natureboy and I were pondering our Sunday options. Bushwalking? Swimming? Bushwalking and swimming? We consulted the Google oracle and Wildwalks delivered Little Congwong Beach into our eager eyeballs.

Located at La Perouse in Sydney’s south, this secluded fingernail of sand and emerald water is a mere 100m stroll from G-rated Congwong Beach.


Find out what’s under kilts at this idyllic Sydney beach

Despite National Parks signage that forbids nudity, Little Congwong is a veritable wang fest. I was delighted! It’s not every day you can mosey along a beach, get your boobies out and gawk at humanity.

Natureboy, to his credit, followed the dresscode but I was too chicken to go completely nude so I kept my bikini bottoms on. Well, lucky for me. Turns out organic sunscreen is as harmless to UV rays as it is to the planet. We both got fried.  Natureboy’s bare buttocks were more sunset than full moon.

Sunburn aside, this beach is about as close to paradise as you get in Sydney. Rugged bushland, sandstone cliffs, the odd inquisitive lizard at your back and a perfectly calm, clear harbour inlet out the front. Sure there are a bunch of naked dudes swinging their penises around but if you like to feel the blazing hot sun on your delicate white skin, this is the beach for you.









11 Responses to “Sydney nudist beach”
  1. Genevieve Frew says:

    Ooooh, very excited to hear more adventures of naked Nature boy…

  2. Amanda says:

    Sounds like you had a great Sunday afternoon…Ha: Wangfest.

  3. Shannon says:

    Excuse me, but you did not say whether there were any fannies (in the Australian/British sense of the word) hanging out at the beach?

  4. Shan says:

    Just wanted to ask if women go fully nude (or much attend this beach at all)? Just that my partner and I would be uncomfortable and intimidated if its all men as your description makes it sound?

  5. Emma says:

    Hi Shan. There were fannies galore. It was a pretty ‘anything goes’ atmosphere down there. Mostly guys but yes, certainly lots of ladies getting a bit of extra sunshine on their bare skin.

  6. Emma lovell says:

    That’s wonderful! I had heard there was a nudist beach but didn’t know exactly where. I always picture the dirty side so thank you for baring all of this little paradise gem.

  7. Tara Wells says:

    I discovered this beach by accident. No, really, I did. Thought the first beach had waaay too many families so with a mate, decided to walk to the next beach. I think you need to be psychologically prepared to go to a nudist beach. It’s fine once you get over the shock so best to get straight to the good stuff (it’s a beautiful beach). Definitely more old fellas than women.

  8. Sydney says:

    More information about sydney’s other clothing optional beaches and nudist clubs Lots of family values nudist social events listed.

  9. Oz Cloggie says:

    Thanks for your, ~ I must comment: ~ more balanced ~ description of your experience. So often the reports of such ” first experiences ‘ are laden with: ‘snigger, snigger’, ~”on behalf of the ‘normal / average citizens let me tell you”……and then emphasise what the journalist/reporter/columnists SAW!!!!!!. Apparently on ‘nudist beaches’ the human bodies have to be perfect and LOOKED at. Unlike on ‘textile’ beaches.
    I love the setting of the beach. I wish it was even more of a mixture of females and males and age-ranges. It’s a surprise that this beach continues to used (“tolerated”) this way. A few years ago I attended a meeting of the council prepared to defend the beach but unfortunately had not understood the routine involved and did not get to speak. Instead I only became more upset / irritated by listening to a speech by a local resident who, in my opinion, went way over the top convincing those present that evil radiated from this little beach because there was not textile to stop it.
    Believe me, there ARE, particularly in Europe, a good number of beaches where it’s all much more relaxed. I’ve been there. It seems such a pity. Many of us who came from Europe as migrants in the 50s and later think it’s a pity not to completely enjoy the sun, the surf, the rivers, lakes and beaches, naturally.

  10. Ollie says:

    Great story, I wish I had some friends to try a nude beach with. I’ve always been too scared to try, but have always wanted to. I imagine it feels great. Do you have any suggestions for where I might meet a group of people?

  11. @shegoes says:

    It’s great fun and yes, feels lovely. Re: meeting groups, unfortunately I don’t have any advice on that front so maybe Google for local groups in your area? Or go to a clothes optional resort?

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