When one Tim isn’t enough

The Two Tims

Tim Charody and Tim Doyle:: rad travel dudes

The travel industry is full of fun people. Down-to-earth people. Smart people. Above all, adventurous people.

Two of my favourite Aussie travel dudes are The Two Tims, the globe trotting filmmakers who frolic around making programs for National Geographic, Travel Oz, tourism boards, touring companies and hotels.

They recently visited Darwin and made this video on behalf of Travelodge. It’s all about getting your kicks on a teeny tiny budget – happy days!

They have done heaps of cool stuff over the years. Check out their website here

Sadly, despite much searching, I can’t find the video where they choke down some revolting jellied eels in London so here is the next best thing – a song about eels by two of my favourite comedians, Julian Barrett and Noel Fielding :: Eels – The Mighty Boosh. Ghastly.







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  1. Emma Lovell says:

    Need to meet these guys and ask “how do they do it!!”

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