Budget Bali

Do you dream of travelling to Bali? Exotic travel is out of your financial reach if you’re trying to be frugal, right? The surprising truth is that a trip to Bali can be affordable if you know how to budget the entire stay. Bali is a common holiday destination for Australian tourists and is growing in popularity each year. Here are some tips to help you rock Bali on the cheap:


Bali isn’t all beaches and bogans. There are some tranquil places in the mountains that are well worth checking out.

1. Stay away from tourist traps including shops. Bali caters to tourists. There are some benefits to travelling to an exotic location that is used to hosting travellers, but the fact that Bali merchants know that tourists will pay a premium can easily work against you. If you want to take souvenirs home, avoid any shops that are located in known tourist districts. Talk to the locals to learn about markets for artisan goods. You’ll be able to buy something authentic instead of a mass-produced trinket while getting a better price on keepsakes.

2. Negotiate the price of everything. Whether you are riding in a taxi or renting a beach umbrella, the key to getting the best deals while you’re on holiday in Bali is bargaining. Negotiation is part of the culture. You might not get a huge discount, but you can almost always get the price down at least a little bit. Tourists who are not too shy to barter can enjoy discounts on their entire trip.

3. Be flexible about where you stay. Bali is an exotic location with plenty of opportunities to explore. If you’re willing to be flexible about how you spend the night in Bali, you can save big. Private rooms in a guest house offer a decent level of privacy without requiring you to pay a premium for a hotel.

4. Learn to avoid private transportation like taxis. Taxis are convenient because they let you get directly to your desired destination, but you do pay a high price for this mode of transportation. Make yourself familiar with the public transportation options in Bali before you go on your trip. A public bus is significantly cheaper than taking a taxi. It may be overwhelming at first, but taking public transportation can keep you on budget.

5. Check out a unique way to explore the country. If you’re feeling more adventurous and you don’t want to take public transportation, low-cost motorcycle rentals are available throughout the province. Daily rentals cost less than AUD$10.

6. Avoid the busiest seasons to save money. Tourists tend to flock to Bali in July, August and September. Hotel stays, airfare and even attractions are typically expensive during this popular season. You may also run into premium pricing if you decide to travel during Christmas. Cooler weather, fewer crowds and cheaper travel costs can be enjoyed between April and June.

7. Eat authentic cuisine for low-cost dining. Forgo the expensive restaurants that cater to tourists when you visit Bali. These over-priced eateries serve food that you could get anywhere, and you don’t really get to experience Bali when you opt for tourist traps. Seek out the authentic dining options that are tucked away throughout Bali. Most of these options are just off of the tourist streets in the province. There’s no need to travel a great distance from your hotel or guest house to enjoy cultural cuisine on a budget.

8. Stay away from the most popular destinations in Bali. Less popular areas of Bali still offer fun and adventure. One of the cheapest Bali locations is Lovina. If you are looking for a place to stay with a nearby beach, this cheaper option is ideal.

9. Enjoy surfing without paying a lot. If you’re travelling to Bali to try surfing for the first time, you can rent a surfboard and talk to local surfers to find out tips and tricks. Locals are more than willing to talk about their favourite hobby.

10. Find an ATM when you need money. Exchange rates vary according to the source, and the best rates can be enjoyed when you use an ATM to withdrawal money. This option also offers convenience. Not all ATM’s will provide cash to foreign cards. Check with your bank to see what services are available to you when you travel. Some banks like Greater Building Society offer international services for people travelling overseas. See what is available to you before you travel to make sure you are prepared.

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