Tour review: Intrepid Morocco

Jo Stewart

Tour Review: Intrepid Travel Morocco Name: Jo Stewart What Tour Company did you travel with? Intrepid Travel (I’m lucky enough to work for Intrepid so I get to sample the wares so to speak!) Where did you go?: Morocco, with most of our time spent in Marrakech and the High Atlas Mountains. The name of the tour was […]

Where were you when you had the worst hangover of your life?

I turned 32 this week so I have been out frolicking with wild abandon for my birthday festivities (narcissist – moi?). The problem with all the fun I am having is that it takes its toll. My eyes hurt. My face hurts. My ribs inexplicably hurt. My lungs are sooty with nicotine and my brain […]

Interesting things about Johannesburg in no particular order

I keep thinking I should write a very grown-up article about my trip to Africa where I reference things correctly and provide up-to-date travel information. The problem is that I have started it several times and I just find it so boring. For both our sakes, I decided to bullet point the really interesting stuff. In no […]

Things I’ve learnt about passports and visas …


Things I’ve learnt about passports and visas … By Doug Meyer (aka The Fourth Secretary) I turned in my passport today. It still has three years of life on it (Expires 20 Jan 2013, Issued Washington DC, etc). I hope to get it back soon but in the meantime, I feel strangely naked without a […]

How to stay pretty on safari

I am vain with a capital V. Put me in front of a reflective surface and I will look at myself. Subsequently, going on safari presents a number of challenges – namely the lack of showers, mirrors and power points. 1. Dry Shampoo by Lee Stafford The very lovely Laura Blasdale from WordStorm PR sent […]

Shikunga, Kenya


Shikunga, Kenya By Verity Twydale Bumping along a dirt road I’m beginning to realise that I’ll need more than a few Swahili phrases and a mosquito net to get through the next three months. The romanticism of a dramatically wide savannah is quickly wearing off. I’m in the back of a car that’s largely held […]

Tour group etiquette


Happy New Year, you gorgeous creatures! As you may have already guessed, I am alive. I wasn’t eaten by lions, I did not contract a fatal illness and I am, thus far, devoid of parasites. On the downside, I am psychologically mangled having just spent the past 14 days in tour group hell. I just […]

Dr Congo


I am a stickler for GPs that bulk bill and for this reason, I have run the gauntlet of semi-retired, semi-insane doctors that work at these government-funded practices. The doctor that shuffled into the surgery on the day in question was no exception. I have seen him before and his world weariness combined with his fragile grasp on the Queen’s language make you feel a […]