Scoot: A review

Low-cost airlines are something I have a lot of time for ever since I went back to being a journo (see: financial destitution). Subsequently, I have concertinaed myself into every kind of cheap seat for a short-haul flight to Asia and I am here to tell you, there is a big difference between carriers. In the same way that […]

Cheap flights for dummies

I am a pauper with a Champagne-soaked work life which is brilliant except when it comes to holidays. A lot of my friends mistakenly believe that my work trips are holidays but no. Just no. Most of those trips involve me being cooped up in a hotel room, wrestling with the free WiFi and drinking bucketloads […]

Sponsored video: Kia Ora hot ladies!

So I talked about the making of the new Air New Zealand safety video earlier this week and now it’s here: What I love about this safety demo-cum-advertisement is the incorporation of Cook Islands’ traditions; hula dancing, hangis (cooking underground), canoeing and the ever-present leis that are a huge part of South Pacific culture. Air […]

Are you a gay kiwi?

Gay marriage woo hoo

Wanna get married? Air New Zealand aka The World’s Most Awesome Airline has announced that it will marry one lucky couple onboard a flight between Queenstown and Auckland on August 19, the day gay marriage becomes legal in NZ. Kiwi couples keen to walk down the aisle on board the Air New Zealand flight are invited to […]

Airline Review: Etihad


When I think of the Middle East, I tend to think of blingful excess. Gold toilets, $1000 cocktails and jaguar necklaces with sapphires for eyes. Sadly Etihad, Abu Dhabi’s national carrier, is nothing like that. Etihad is elegant, understated and in every way, a calming experience. The planes are new, the seat back entertainment units work (even if […]

Sponsored post: Why I love Qantas


Between union disputes, social media disasters and increased fuel prices, poor old Qantas has taken a beating recently. But you know what? I still love ’em. Here’s why: The Neil Perry menu in Business Class and Premium Economy is excellent. The salad tastes fresh and the dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar; not some […]

Skyscanner: Cheap flights fast


Skyscanner is a nifty new website that compares all the flights from origin to destination by price, departure time and airline. It will then find you the best price for direct, one stop and two stops and spit out the exact transit time. It can also find you car hire and hotels and, if you can’t find what […]

Virgin Atlantic: Highest High Tea

Virgin Atlantic High Tea

Virgin Atlantic has a cracking tagline for it’s new High Tea; ‘The Highest High Tea’. Yes, folks. You can have high tea served to you in ‘Upper Class’ which is Virgin Atlantic’s version of Business Class. This adds a whole  new layer of novelty to what is already enormously fun. Work trip? Yeah, whatever … try perk […]

Airline awards

I adore flying. Everything from the in-flight entertainment to the crew’s uniforms gives me a massive kick. The second I step on board a plane, I know that no one can ring me or email me, that someone will take care of my every need and I can guiltlessly watch back-to-back movies for as long […]

Airline Review: Thai Airways Business Class

I have always seen flying Business Class as a marker of success in life; something that will happen when I have ‘made it’. Apparently that day was February 28th 2011. I turn left for the first time and find myself in a large room full of space age recliners, complete with toiletry bags, pillows and […]