Swimming holes in Sydney’s South West

Freshwater swimming holes are one of my favourite things.  I have spent years ogling the pictures of people lounging about in waterholes in the Northern Territory (the ones without crocodiles) so it was with great delight that I realised that my new neighbourhood has loads of swimming holes of its own. I have been on […]

East Coast garden adventure

Garden-fanciers are a funny bunch. You will often find them wandering around with leaves in their hair and mud on their boots, inspecting flowers and pinching herbs. So where should these gnome-like creatures holiday? And where in Australia can a plant lover get down and dirty? It turns out that the coastal driving route between […]

Why I need retreats

I recently returned from a two night stay at Billabong Retreat and – wow – what a difference. The 48 hours I spent there shifted something. The past month has been really tough and I’ve felt it in my body. My stomach has been sore – in both the muscles and digestive system – and sleep […]

What happens when you damage a rental car

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you damage your rental car? Well, friends, you can rely on ol’ spatially challenged Castle here to deliver. On my recent East Coast road trip adventure, my friend Michael and I hired a car from Avis. To our great delight, when we went to pick it up […]

Bellbird Dining + Bar

When quality local produce, cheerful staff and a relaxing setting – complete with actual bellbirds – come together, it’s a happy union. Bellbird Dining + Bar at Casula Powerhouse in Sydney’s South West is all of this, and more. The chef, Federico Rekowski, cares deeply about what he puts on the plate. The fresh goats curd, for […]

Two new tours

I know some pretty gifted people and two of them have launched new tours. If you’re in the market for a foodie experience, I cannot recommend these tour operators highly enough. Tawnya Bahr’s new Air Bnb Farmers Market Tour is sure to be a cracker. I went one on of Tawnya’s tours to the Pyrmont Grower’s […]

Sponsored Video/Post: Phillip Island Nature Parks

I have been on some fun work trips over the years but Phillip Island was one of the best. I had just started doing the PR for Sydney – Melbourne Touring and the client sent me down to check out their wares. It’s not every day that you get to wake up in a windswept […]

Thoughts on Australia Day

One of the hardest lessons of my life has been accepting that there is no such thing as 100% good. Tomorrow is Australia Day, called Invasion Day by some. Like any day of the year, duality reigns supreme. Colonisation sucked big time for Aboriginal people, in the same way it has sucked for indigenous people everywhere. […]

Quirky things to do on the Gold Coast

Picture this: the warm golden haze dancing gently across your skin; the feel of the humid seaside air filling your lungs; sparkling sand tickling your toes; cool crystalline waters crashing along the shoreline; screams of delight from kids and the young at heart; and the buzz of a party at every turn. When the land down […]

Ultimate Blue Mountains day trip

You have one day to check out the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney. What are you going to do? There are plenty of options at your disposal but here’s some of the best stuff you may not have heard about. Regardless of whether you drive (it takes about 2 hours to get to […]