Uluru + Kata Tjuta

Kata Tjuta

You know how I told you I have two new contracts? Well one of them is representing Ayers Rock Resort in the Northern Territory. As far as awesome goes, that’s a 10/10. I went out there on a famil (travel industry jargon for ‘familiarisation’) a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away. The […]

Fraser Suites, Sydney

Fraser Suites 1

I love hotel rooms in the same way The Cookie Monster appreciates cookies. I really love them. The first time I ever stayed in a hotel was on a school excursion to Canberra. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep. When you grow up in the country, it’s easy to get excited about a budget motor inn […]

Wine lover’s guide to SA

There’s a reason ‘Barossa’ rhymes with ‘Berocca’. Too. Much. Fun. Gnarly old growth vineyards, exuberant locals and a cornucopia of fresh produce give this wino hotspot a decidedly hedonistic vibe. Forget Jack Daniels; Bacchus lives here. I was lucky enough to have Sharon Wild, a Master of Wine-in-the-making, as my guide for the Barossa Food […]

Yulefest at The Carrington: Best. Weekend. Ever.


There is something exciting about a girl’s weekend – the delicious promise of wine, shopping and maniacal laughter. A little while back, I was lucky enough to win a night at The Carrington for Yulefest so I decided to take two of my lady friends on a fake Christmas adventure. Arriving at the hotel, you […]

Townsville according to Greta Lackey


Work trips … The early wake ups, the delayed flights, the crappy plane food, the late nights. I usually classify them under the category of ‘glorified stress’! But every now and then you visit a place you’ve never been before and you most probably would have never thought to visit, are pleasantly surprised, and it […]

Hot spring fling by Louisa Deasey


Sometimes work, money or other conundrums mean escaping the winter chill for warmer climes just ain’t possible. But like many travel junkies, I get pretty itchy if my options for random sojourns are blocked by life’s obligations. Add to that Melbourne’s early winter (think: bitter sheet winds, grey skies and two pairs of socks just […]

When you leave here, you’re going nowhere by Stephanie Nuzzo


Legend has it that the fountain of youth is hidden away somewhere in Florida. But I think whoever wrote that was wrong. I’m putting my own theory out there. If there is in fact a fountain of youth, it’s in Byron Bay. In Byron, everyone is young, everyone is on vacation and everyone is ridiculously […]

Camping in the rain at Mollymook, NSW


Step one: Purchase marquee-sized tent online. Step two: Book pet-friendly campsite. Step three: Travel to Mollymook. Erect enormous tent. Attempt to manage hyperactive, free-range pets. Cue: Rain. This is the summary of our weekend camping trip to Mollymook, with the exception of all the fun bits; the BBQ’ed breakfasts cooked by our early-rising friends, the […]

Ulladulla Blessing of the Fleet Parade: Weirdy McFun


Imagine if all the children of a small seaside town dressed up as blue-skinned Na’vi, beauty queens or gumnut blossoms and hoisted themselves up onto parade floats. Some of these floats will have an easily identifiable theme (Avatar) while some will be an awkward mish-mash of intertextuality (I knew I would get to use that […]

Jane Austen country: Milton, NSW


Rolling green hills, magic mushroom sunsets and cows. Lots and lots of cows. Welcome to Milton, NSW. We drive into town after five hours stuck in The Long Weekend Exodus; traffic that crawls along the Princes Highway making you question your decision to leave Sydney.   For once, we are grateful for the snail’s pace […]