Top Sydney swimming spots


One of my favourite things about flying into Sydney is looking down on all the backyards and seeing the pools – blue, green, kidney-shaped, round; the perfect highlight to all that brick and tile. Before summer packs up it’s sunscreen and leaves for another year, I thought I would share my top five favourite swimming […]

Daintree dreaming


Imagine a perfectly preserved historical site that hasn’t changed in 110 million years. It isn’t made of stone and doesn’t bear the marks of humanity but it is undeniably sacred. This place was the home of a highly organised, intelligent civilisation that used hieroglyphs, advanced plant medicine and had a complex belief system tied intrinsically […]

Into the wild


I am on a bit of a mission to convert non-campers into tree-huggin’, outdoorsy types that eschew make-up, personal hygiene and decent coffee in a quest to make nice with Mother Nature. Love it or hate it, camping is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and drink wine out of tin […]

Kicking my heels up in North-East Victoria

I always like to give things two chances, just to be sure that I’m sure. The first time I visited North-East Victoria, I called The Future Husband and told him that we were going to move there (he was bemused, to say the least). I visited again this long weekend and the relationship has been consumated. I […]

Fun facts about Norfolk Island … Seriously. Fun!

I just found out that Norfolk Island has it’s own language! It’s called Norfolk (unsurprisingly) and it’s a mixture of platt Deutsch (whatever the hell that is), 18th Century English and Tahitian. This has been reappropriated aka stolen directly from the Norfolk Island website. Seriously, who knew?! Norfolk English Whutta-waye? How are you? All yorlye […]

Whale of a time: Kayaking with whales by Cath Reilly

Whale of a time: Kayaking with whales By Cath Reilly Well I’ve done it! My first Action Girl kayak-with-the-whales-adventure and all I can say is WHEN CAN I DO IT AGAIN?! It all started early on Sunday morning with Region X Kayaking at Mossy Point. We turned up at 7.30am as requested and when Josh […]

Marrickville Markets: The 2204 love affair continues

Ever since The Future Husband and I moved to Marrickville two years ago, the hype has been building. Sydney Morning Herald’s Domain section called it ‘The New Paddington’ and the property prices have soared accordingly. Unlike the Eastern suburbs, however, this ‘hood has grown increasingly more hippie with each passing month. You can’t walk down Marrickville […]

Tipster Tuesday: Collins St, Melbourne

Good News Part A: One of our contributors, the lovely Miss Mel, just became the Managing Editor of the Raising Children Network. Good News Part B: She is in Melbourne for the week, meeting the team and finding her way around the company’s head office. The Tipster Tuesday Part. Let’s call it C: Mel is […]

Hotel Review: Vibe Hotel Rushcutters

There is something undeniably delicious about staying in a hotel in your hometown. It’s a bit like drinking Champagne in your pyjamas – all the pleasure without any of the inconvenience. When my very dear friend Tess asked me if I would like to stay at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters, I couldn’t accept quickly enough. I […]

Oh Pindan, my darling by Kristy Mills


Oh Pindan, my darling By Kristy Mills The number one rule for anyone travelling from Perth to Broome in a motor vehicle is:  Turn Left at Every Opportunity. Admittedly, it must be preceded by “Take the ‘Coastal’ Road. On a cold Perth morning we woke early, thought for two seconds and knew we’d be wasting […]