Fun facts about Norfolk Island … Seriously. Fun!

I just found out that Norfolk Island has it’s own language! It’s called Norfolk (unsurprisingly) and it’s a mixture of platt Deutsch (whatever the hell that is), 18th Century English and Tahitian. This has been reappropriated aka stolen directly from the Norfolk Island website. Seriously, who knew?! Norfolk English Whutta-waye? How are you? All yorlye […]

Whale of a time: Kayaking with whales by Cath Reilly

Whale of a time: Kayaking with whales By Cath Reilly Well I’ve done it! My first Action Girl kayak-with-the-whales-adventure and all I can say is WHEN CAN I DO IT AGAIN?! It all started early on Sunday morning with Region X Kayaking at Mossy Point. We turned up at 7.30am as requested and when Josh […]

Marrickville Markets: The 2204 love affair continues

Ever since The Future Husband and I moved to Marrickville two years ago, the hype has been building. Sydney Morning Herald’s Domain section called it ‘The New Paddington’ and the property prices have soared accordingly. Unlike the Eastern suburbs, however, this ‘hood has grown increasingly more hippie with each passing month. You can’t walk down Marrickville […]

Tipster Tuesday: Collins St, Melbourne

Good News Part A: One of our contributors, the lovely Miss Mel, just became the Managing Editor of the Raising Children Network. Good News Part B: She is in Melbourne for the week, meeting the team and finding her way around the company’s head office. The Tipster Tuesday Part. Let’s call it C: Mel is […]

Hotel Review: Vibe Hotel Rushcutters

There is something undeniably delicious about staying in a hotel in your hometown. It’s a bit like drinking Champagne in your pyjamas – all the pleasure without any of the inconvenience. When my very dear friend Tess asked me if I would like to stay at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters, I couldn’t accept quickly enough. I […]

Oh Pindan, my darling by Kristy Mills


Oh Pindan, my darling By Kristy Mills The number one rule for anyone travelling from Perth to Broome in a motor vehicle is:  Turn Left at Every Opportunity. Admittedly, it must be preceded by “Take the ‘Coastal’ Road. On a cold Perth morning we woke early, thought for two seconds and knew we’d be wasting […]

Road Twip!


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of something called a ‘road twip’. Admittedly, I organised it so it wasn’t exactly a random accident that I was there. Basically a bunch of us jumped in a bus and drove down to the South Coast, tweeting like mad things for the duration of […]

Q & A with Love and Other U-Turns author, Louisa Deasey


Love and Other U-Turns author Louisa Deasey gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the road trip that inspired her brand new book about a ‘city girl, an unruly comedian, a love story and an amazing adventure’. 1. What is your favourite place in Australia and why? Anywhere you can leave your door open at night […]

Running away to the Hunter Valley by Tammy Warner-Wilson


Running away to the Hunter Valley By Tammy Warner-Wilson Past Petersons Champagne House, down Broke Road and beyond Brokenwood wine cellar, is the oval at Hunter Valley Gardens. It is here that I find myself at 6.30am on a Sunday morning in July. I am surrounded by some of NSW’s finest wine country, but all […]

The naked truth about nudist beaches


I often get accused of being a hippie because I like rainbows and soy chai and Goddess cards. It’s for this reason that I always thought I would love going to a nudist beach. All that freedom and nature and sun-on-bare-skin – what’s not to like? Well, school boys and weird old English swingers, for […]