Pick your own in Bilpin NSW

There is nothing quite like flouncing around in an orchard, picking your own apples, pears and plums. My friend Holly’s family owns Pine Crest Orchard in Bilpin NSW and I had one of the funnest days ever running amok, picking their horticultural goodies and clambering down to their secret waterfall. Less fun was the large, […]

Lovebirds in South East Queensland: Things to do

Hey you fellow loved up cutie pies! With Valentine’s Day upon us we’re being bombarded with  ‘‘his’ and ‘her’ gift guides everywhere we go. How many of those gifts that you got from your exes ended up for re-sale on site like Gumtree (shh … I promise I won’t tell)? I always believe that going […]

Return to Fraser Island

I went to Fraser Island when I was about 14; an awkward teenager who wore a scratchy jumper that belonged to my Grandfather for five days straight. By the end of the trip, it reeked of campfire smoke and hormonal angst. I remember seeing sharks and turtles cruising the coastal gutter, swimming in the water […]

Wine land

If drinking wine was a sport, I would be a gold medallist. I am very, very good at it. That’s why I feel a deep yearning to go to wine mecca. In the same way marathon runners line up to get to Hawaii, wine lovers dream of South Australia. I have been to the Barossa and guzzled ballsy, old vine […]

Three incredible events in Australia


Australia is an amazing place where there’s always something to do. From live shows to sporting events, visitors and residents of this island-continent have a variety of choices when it comes to live events Racing Down Under The sport of champions has always been very popular in Australia. This is why so many people choose […]

Sydney Harbour Marriott review (with a happy ending)

So some of you may remember my man and I were having some, erm, issues; namely the fact that he is still married to someone else. It’s not as bad as it sounds (he’s separated) but after many wines and many tears, it can be confusing. I thought we’d broken up. He thought we were […]

How to travel on a shoe-string budget

Cha ching

Organising the funds to head off and travel with can prove hard enough, so if you find yourself struggling for cash as your tour the world; you are not alone. We have all been there and largely it is a case of ‘learn by doing’, so to speak. Tips can be especially useful as well, […]

Lilianfels and Darley’s

Lilianfels is fance-ay. It has toile wallpaper and tasteful black and white lino cut prints on the walls and delightful staff that are all polish and no spit. The grounds have hedges and fountains and all the things that indicate ‘quality and prestige’ to people who drive high-end 4WDs. But here’s the thing: the rooms […]

What do you do in Perth?


So I have been invited to write a post about Perth, specifically what I would like to do there. The catch? I am in the running to win a trip for two if I come up with a list of things I would do if I visited. The problem? I have no idea! I have […]

WA road trip

Beautiful Broome

Travelling along the west coast of Australia is a road trip-enthusiast’s dream: long drives will be rewarded by incredible scenery and untouched beaches that rival some of the best in the world. From Perth to Broome, the coast is known as the Coral Coast, and en route you will pass some of these amazing sites during a […]