Woodford Folk Festival 2013

How much sweat can a sweaty sweater sweat? That’s what I asked myself as I downed yet another litre of sun-warmed water at Woodford Folk Festival. As fast as I was glugging it down, it was pouring straight back out of my face. It was crazy hot, like Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum’s impossible love child. […]

The Darling + Sokyo

The Darling

I used to think casinos were a little bit evil (and not just from an interior design point of view). But you know what? They’re no more evil than banks or insurance companies. Essentially, it’s all about what you do when you’re there. When it comes to The Star in Sydney, I am going to be […]

Win a meat tray!

You think I’m joking but I’m not. Like I said before, I loves me a competition. The Meat and Livestock Association (MLA) has launched its Lamb is for Lovers campaign. Here is the latest instalment that follows the travails of Don, the ‘Bachelor’. The MLA sent me a meat tray to trial for the season […]

Melbourne walking tour

A walking tour of Melbourne’s coolest architecture by Zofia Folkman One of the many things that make Melbourne so engaging to walk around is its blend of modern, contemporary, and heritage architecture. You’ll see the grandeur of neoclassical theatres right next door to bold, fresh designs from some of today’s most talented architects. To enjoy […]


I give up. I’m not going to fight it any more. I am going to be more or less drunk for the rest of the year. I know that seems unprofessional but when you’re an editor working in the travel and events business, I swear to you, it’s inevitable. What’s more, I have forsaken my […]

Campervan – yes or no?

Have you ever been on a campervan holiday? The reason I ask is that I am going to Woodford Folk Festival over the Christmas and New Year break and I am considering hiring a campervan for it. Not only are campervans entirely waterproof; you can also lock them (last time I went to Woodford, someone went […]

Melbourne double take

Richard Nylon in The Birdcage

It seems Melbourne ain’t so bad after all. In the past I have travelled to Melbourne for work and spent the bulk of my time between the convention centre and the Crowne Plaza hotel opposite. The one time I tried to go for fun, Melbourne experienced the biggest storm in 100 years. It had a somewhat […]

Canberra Wine Guide


By Sammie Bliss Overshadowed by its bigger winemaking cousin Adelaide, Canberra is sometimes overlooked as a holiday destination for wine lovers. Although it doesn’t necessarily have the size nor the PR power behind the bigger wine regions of Australia, Canberra produces some wonderful (and internationally acclaimed) drops. So hurry up and book a Canberra hotel […]

Radelaide: Get on it

Cambodian Space Project

It’s funny that people think that Adelaide is somehow less fun than Sydney or Melbourne. I mean, they make wine there. LIKE WIZARDS. I went on a little Barossa adventure about two years ago and got messed up in the best possible way. Two words: winemaker dinner. If you make friends in the wine regions […]

Lord Howe love-in

Lord Howe

Peace, perfect peace; a quietness of heart, a lightness of being. That’s how I felt after five days at Lord Howe Island. Many factors contributed to this sense of wellbeing. Travelling with a beloved friend, lucky sunshine in a week of ‘possible showers’, the kindness of our hosts Dani and Luke from Pinetrees Lodge and […]