Wendy Whiteley’s Garden

Wendy Whiteley's Garden

Wedged between buildings jostling for harbour views and Moreton Bay figs pushing limb-like roots into the ground is a quiet, secret place. Located at the foot of a steep pathway that runs off Lavender St in Lavender Bay, you will find a grassy clearing surrounded by lush, tropical gardens. You won’t find any hulking council-issue […]

Hobart Hit List

MONA, the greatest art gallery in the world

I had long imagined Hobart to be some wild outpost starring the cast of The Piano interspersed with gumboot-clad cheese makers, feral hippies and rosy-cheeked moonshiners. In my mind, everyone was always singing sea shanties, eating apples and having soulful conversations with their pet ducks. Turns out I was half right. They do eat a lot […]

Camping at Mill Creek, NSW

Mill Creek

Q: What do bogans and large Middle Eastern families have in common? A: They both hang out at Mill Creek Camping Ground on a Saturday night. When Natureboy and I decided (at the last minute) to go camping, we realised (too late) that a lot of the beachside campsites are booked out waaaaay in advance. […]

Sydney nudist beach


Natureboy and I were pondering our Sunday options. Bushwalking? Swimming? Bushwalking and swimming? We consulted the Google oracle and Wildwalks delivered Little Congwong Beach into our eager eyeballs. Located at La Perouse in Sydney’s south, this secluded fingernail of sand and emerald water is a mere 100m stroll from G-rated Congwong Beach. Despite National Parks […]

Ocean Beach, Umina

Seabreeze townhouse

Umina is the kind of place where a large chips feeds a family of four; a place yet to be discovered by evil developers. The main street is relaxingly daggy. The service is friendly, the shops are cluttered and the overall feeling is that you can go barefoot and no one cares. This laid back […]

Port Douglas + Mossman Gorge, Qld

Mossman Gorge

Dear Tourism Queensland, You appear to lack actual queens so I am putting my hand up. Why me? I’ll tell you. I visited recently and it turns out I’m perfectly suited to the job. I love eating, drinking and lazing around a pool. I also like resorts, rainforests, palm-fringed beaches and cheap fresh produce. When I visited […]

Annandale: a new love


It’s early days but I can honestly say that Annandale and I are getting along famously. The streets are lined with graceful old beauties, blooming gardens and prestige family cars. Neighbours walk pedigree dogs, push Bugaboos and carry trays of skim lattes. The weird thing is that I don’t hate it. I normally sneer at the […]


The famous Cloaca by Wim Delvoye

Louise Southerden takes us on a trip down the rabbit hole at the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, Tasmania. Wow, MONA. If Tasmania’s new Museum of Old and New Art was a person, she’d be cool and approachable. Built by art-lover, self-made-gambling-savant and Tasmanian-made-good David Walsh, then filled with his collection of oddities, it’s […]

When one Tim isn’t enough

The Two Tims

The travel industry is full of fun people. Down-to-earth people. Smart people. Above all, adventurous people. Two of my favourite Aussie travel dudes are The Two Tims, the globe trotting filmmakers who frolic around making programs for National Geographic, Travel Oz, tourism boards, touring companies and hotels. They recently visited Darwin and made this video on […]

This Is Not Art Festival


I spent five years living in Newcastle, ostensibly to study Communications, but really going out drinking, recovering at the beach and working at Local Video. Despite my long stint as a resident, I never once attended This Is Not Art Festival , an annual arts festival held in Newcastle City. When one of my besties said […]