A Guide to Canggu, Bali

You’ve smashed sundowners in Seminyak and watched the waves in Uluwatu. You’ve had your hair grabbed at the creepy monkey temple in Ubud and you’ve chilled at Jimbaran with a sambal-and-seafood feast on the beach.  So where to next? Which Bali neighbourhood is on your wish list? Have you considered Canggu? Don’t be scared off by its proximity […]

Why a Bali villa holiday is awesome for baby mamas

Did you know that you can hire baby equipment in Bali? Yep, you can. There are a number of baby hire services that not only hire out prams, cots, pool fences and hire chairs, they also offer nanny and babysitting services. These same services can arrange nappies, formula, baby food and even a personal chef […]

5 Bali villas you need to know about

Joey’s passport arrived today so, friends, I am back on the Googles, looking for family-friendly winter getaways. There are two kinds of people in the world: the people who love winter and get all excited about wearing coats, and people like me. I dread winter. I shudder to think of the long nights, the gloom, the frozen […]

How to find a Bali villa

This has truly been one of those weeks. Joey is teething and has also learnt to crawl. I have at least 100 new grey hairs. I have also had some weird tummy bug, been crushed by deadlines and for some mysterious reason, can’t sleep. Such fun. Naturally, my thoughts turn to holidays. Namely, when am I […]

Holiday ideas for any couple to get lost in

Holiday ideas for any couple to get lost in Couples’ holidays can be enjoyed whatever your age, and however long you’ve been together. Getting lost can be a wonderful way to get to know one another, regardless of how long you’ve actually been together, and there are some fantastic destinations just begging to be explored […]

7 things you need to know about travelling to Bali

If you’re planning to head to Bali, here are a few handy hints to get you started. 1. There is a visa on arrival system – When you get to Denpasar airport, you will need to line up and buy a visa. It will cost you USD$35 per person. Your visa will be valid for […]

Bali + Ayana Villas + love

The greatest luxury on earth is spending time with the person you’re in love with. Couple that with an Ocean View Villa at Ayana Resort and Spa and life is beyond sweet. The Spark and I arrived at the resort on a Friday night, tired but happy, and were greeted with frangipani leis and quirky basil and soursop welcome concoctions. […]

Ayana go!

I met with the reps from Ayana in Bali the other day and now I’m a little bit obsessed. It could be that I’ve only had four hours sleep and anything that sounds like it could involve lying down is wildly appealing right about now. It could be that the weather is cooling down and […]

Budget Bali


Do you dream of travelling to Bali? Exotic travel is out of your financial reach if you’re trying to be frugal, right? The surprising truth is that a trip to Bali can be affordable if you know how to budget the entire stay. Bali is a common holiday destination for Australian tourists and is growing […]

Monkey madness! by Melanie Mahoney

Monkey madness! By Melanie Mahoney Earlier this week, a woman was attacked by macaque monkeys while on holidays on Thailand. She was reportedly trying to get over a phobia of the primates by visiting the ominously named ‘Monkey Island’, near Phuket, when a group of them attacked her. Her tour leader said some people had […]