Smashed: A review

Glebe St Vincent de Paul is the next best thing to a library. My suburb is full of nerds; students, teachers, activists and thinkers. Hence, the Vinnies here is a gold mine for second-hand books. That’s how, for a mere $3, I wound up with Koren Zailckas’ 2005 memoir ‘Smashed’. This is like Bridget Jones’ […]

Snapshots of Sri Lanka

Once called ‘the island of serendipity’, Sri Lanka is a place where a rich culture and chequered history combine. Where cricket tragics, surfers, and adventurers meet Buddhist monks, fishermen, and orphaned elephants. Where the scent of cinnamon floats on the air and there’s a feeling that anything is possible. This collection of travellers’ tales has […]

Q & A with Ayun Halliday, Author of The Zinester’s Guide to NYC and Sarong in my Backpack


I am a little bit in love with Ayun Halliday. I read her book Sarong in my Backpack on my honeymoon and I laughed so much that I decided that we had to become friends. People this hilarious don’t come along every day. I emailed her and to my surprise and delight, she emailed me […]

Book Review: The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010


I have the attention span of a gnat. Seriously, it’s a wonder I get anything do … ooh, what’s that on television. Sorry, what were you saying? That’s why I love short stories; so much plot line satisfaction jammed into one book. My awesome friend Shaunie T gave me an anthology of The Best Women’s […]

Q & A with Love and Other U-Turns author, Louisa Deasey


Love and Other U-Turns author Louisa Deasey gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the road trip that inspired her brand new book about a ‘city girl, an unruly comedian, a love story and an amazing adventure’. 1. What is your favourite place in Australia and why? Anywhere you can leave your door open at night […]

Book Review: Best of Lonely Planet Travel Writing


The next best thing to going somwhere is hearing all about it from someone who has just been. Whether it’s a cautionary tale, a romantic comedy or a simple fact box, I crave other people’s stories, photos and itineraries. And when people get sick of my incessant questions and avoid me in the street? I get my dirty mitts on a travel  story, […]