Shanghai for beginners

My knowledge of Shanghai was previously restricted to Kung Fu films showing a bunch of dudes whooping ass wearing leather jackets. In fact, ‘Shanghai’ could’ve easily been any Chinatown in the world, according to my cinematically restricted fantasy. So what’s it really like? For starters, big. Shanghai is home to 24 million people. The city is […]

Beijing for beginners

Previously when I thought about Beijing, what I imagined was a dystopian mega-opolis, heaving with dust mask-wearing cyclists. Proletariats laboured their way to factory jobs, breathing in smog and surviving on minimum wage What I discovered upon arrival was quite different. I saw landscaping. Miles and miles of manicured gardens, trellised roses separating busy lanes of traffic, and […]

Shanghai nights


By Kelly Thomas Shanghai is one of the world’s busiest cities with something to do around the clock. Whether you’re into partying, midnight snacking or cultural events, Shanghai has something for you. Here’s an insider’s tip: when planning a trip to the city, find Shanghai hotels that are near the attractions you would like to visit […]