The newest in Papua

Have you ever been cruising around Papua New Guinea? It’s a pretty new thing and one of the last truly wild adventures you can have. The idea of cruiseships aka ‘floating RSL clubs’ freaks me out a bit but I would totally do this because the destination is so interesting and the ships are small. […]

Win a $15,000 cruise

Cruiseabout competition

I am the kind of person who will enter a competition to win a packet of Weetbix. That’s how loose I am with giving out my email address. I’m gluten intolerant. Needless to say, I suffer from terrible seasickness and yet I entered this competition because, hey, my desire to be popular trumps my need to eat […]

Law of the Laundry

Law of the Laundry By Genevieve Frew When travelling, no matter how free the spirit or unplanned the journey, there are certain laws that bind us together; the law of averages, the law of the jungle and, of course, Murphy’s law. On board a recent Cunard cruise I discovered there is another law from which […]



Cruisin’ By Genevieve Frew Last year, my way of boosting the world’s ailing economy was to make the Trans Atlantic crossing aboard Cunard’s flagship Queen Mary 2. Twice. Sadly, there were no streamers or teary farewells at the dock as, due to strict security regulations these days, Cunard does not allow anyone other than passengers on […]