4 European Activities I Would Never Do Without Travel Insurance

This article is sponsored by Allianz Travel Insurance*.  So, I finally went to Europe. Notwithstanding the one hasty work trip I went on to Finland and Slovenia (which I loved), I had never been which made me feel like a poor excuse for an Australian. I have never lived in Shepherd’s Bush, I have never pulled beers in […]

To HEL and back: The top five things to do in Helsinki


Did you wonder where I disappeared to this past week? Did you think I’d run off and joined a burlesque troupe named Rosie Gardens and the Kinky Hos? The truth is that I went to HEL – otherwise known as Helsinki – on a work trip. Helsinki is an effortless city in summer; all straightforward […]

Trivia Tuesday: Islands in the (cold) stream


Finland has the most islands of any country in the world (179, 584). It also has 187, 888 lakes. Who knew?!