4 European Activities I Would Never Do Without Travel Insurance

This article is sponsored by Allianz Travel Insurance*.  So, I finally went to Europe. Notwithstanding the one hasty work trip I went on to Finland and Slovenia (which I loved), I had never been which made me feel like a poor excuse for an Australian. I have never lived in Shepherd’s Bush, I have never pulled beers in […]

Glasgow to Rome by rail

Rail journeys retain some of the romance of yesteryear without the inconvenience of, say, a horse drawn cart or walking for miles in the snow. What’s surprising is just how good the trains are, especially if you’re willing to book a business or first class ticket. In the UK, Sir Richard Branson’s ubiquitous Virgin runs the […]

5 things you didn’t know about Paris

By Candice Teo I’ve done this moving overseas thing a couple of times and still never tire of discovering a new city like a local. My first time in Paris only happened two years ago and I dove straight into pretty much living like the locals for the couple of months that I stayed (which mainly […]

The best holiday destinations for relaxation


With the everyday stresses of modern life, sometimes we just need to get away from it all and put our feet up in a location that’s far from home. While a holiday spa might be a fun short term solution, there’s nothing like a complete change of scene to help you forget your troubles. If […]

France for Euro 20


If you enjoyed watching the World Cup in Brazil as much as about three-quarters of the planet’s population seemed to – then maybe it’s time to start thinking about a trip to France for the next big international football tournament in two years’ time? The UEFA EURO 2016 Championships are scheduled to be held in […]

Viva La France


By Meagan Patroni  Absinthe: the very word conjures images. It’s no wonder artists like Lautrec and Van Gough were hooked on the stuff and Verlaine and Rimbaud used it as their muse. It may come as a surprise (or disappointment) to discover that you won’t see La Fée Verte (the green fairy) from imbibing this elixir. Yes, elixir […]

Film Review: The Way

The Way

Patchy editing and an overwritten script do little to dissuade viewers from joining grieving father (Martin Sheen) and a ragtag band of pilgrims on an 800km walk to the Spanish sea. Upon discovering that his estranged son (played by Emilio Estevez) has died on the El camino de Santiago in the French Pyrenees, American opthamologist […]