Glasgow to Rome by rail

Rail journeys retain some of the romance of yesteryear without the inconvenience of, say, a horse drawn cart or walking for miles in the snow. What’s surprising is just how good the trains are, especially if you’re willing to book a business or first class ticket. In the UK, Sir Richard Branson’s ubiquitous Virgin runs the […]

Italian decorating inspo

Italy is home to some of the best brands of industrial and home decor design in the world. With 70+ years of experience, not to mention the inter-generational expertise in artisanship and mixed manufacturing/refinement techniques, Italian top brands like Minotti, Zanotta, Kartell, Poliform, Vitra and Poltrona Frau have made Italy a leading trendsetter in the industry for generations. […]

Top places to go in Sicily

With its rich historical heritage, the Italian island of Sicily is renowned for its ancient architectural splendours and beaches. The many beautiful historical spots to visit also include the villas of local residents (a factor which is often overlooked by tourists). Along with the many cathedrals and churches that adorn the island centres, this factor […]

I want to be Italian


I’ve decided that I should be Italian. Family history be damned. I feel Italian. So what exactly does this mean? My interpretation is as follows: I am allowed to wave my arms around a lot when I talk It’s totally fine to cook enormous meals and invite loads of people over whenever I want I can drink things like grappa, Ouzo […]

Black Magic in Certaldo

stilts and flag

Lisa Perkovic explores her dark side in the hills of Tuscany Once a year hidden high in the Tuscan hills, the streets of Certaldo are given over to the dark side. Under cover of darkness thousands of people converge on the cobblestoned roads to revel in Mercantia, the annual International Festival of Street Theatre. For […]

Mid-year resolutions by Stephanie Nuzzo


Mid-year resolutions By Stephanie Nuzzo I’ve been hearing a whole lot about people’s plans for this year. There have been a lot of new beginnings promised for 2011, but to me, New Years’ resolutions are bullsh*t. I had my new beginning in June this year. Halfway through 2010 I decided I was over the Groundhog-days […]

Romancin’ in Verona

Romancin’ in Verona By Lauren Barker In fair Verona, where we lay our scene, you are perched under a roof of vines, spooning into a heavenly Nutella tiramisu, coffee warm in the belly. It’s mid-autumn, the leaves are beginning to brown, sunlight dapples the cobblestones below. It’s the perfect time to visit Verona: the throngs […]