Thoughts on happiness

I have become noticeably happier since I stopped reading women’s magazines. I rarely go shopping, and if I do, I don’t spend more than I can afford. I try not to shop from boredom or a sense of unworthiness (buying things to make me feel more socially acceptable, or cool, or professional). I care a […]

Stay away from The Jones’

I have been thinking about The Jones’, that mythical family who drive the status anxiety of the aspirational. Why would you want to keep up with wasteful, greedy mega-consumers? The Jones live in a mansion, drive new cars, have shiny white teeth and golden fake tans. They holiday often and throw fancy parties. But really? […]

Sacred places

I have always been a sucker for a crystal shop, a psychic reading and a tarot deck. As a godless heathen, these things allow me to connect to a sense of spirituality. Same goes for yoga, swimming, walking and Goddess cards. I am a tragic hippie cliche. Nevertheless, I think we all yearn for a […]

Moving house, goddess Kali and Picasso

Goddess Kali is the fearsome one: the goddess of destruction in the Hindu pantheon. What I love about her – and the whole school of thought surrounding the Hindu G.O.D concept (Generator, Operator, Destroyer) – is that it acknowledges that death and destruction is a critical part of the wheel of fortune. Which brings me […]


Plastic is a miracle material. Water-resistant, available in all sorts of textures and colours, and wow – what a lifespan. When you start taking note of where it’s used, you realise it’s everywhere. Those little stickers on fruit. Wrapped around your magazine subscription. Connecting swing tags to clothes. In dog parks to pick up poo. […]

Glasses ahoy!

Vision Direct

You may not know this about me but I am a spectacle tragic (and also a tragic spectacle but that’s a whole other story). I love glasses which is lucky because I can’t see for sh*t. When I was a kid, I really wanted glasses because I thought they would make me look smart. I […]

Why gardening

So I started a gardening festival. Seems like an odd thing to do when you’re kinda busy with raising kids, and chasing puppies, and managing a hectic workload. But I had one of those whooshes of inspiration (that some people call the muse) and I felt compelled. Maybe even propelled. Why gardening? Well, because I […]


Every manmade thing was created by someone. Someone thought, hey, this could work. This might make things better. This is beautiful. There’s this idea that creativity is a hallowed space that you enter deliberately. But no. Cooking dinner is creative. Writing in a birthday card is creative. Creativity is like salt or butter. It makes everything […]

Becoming your authentic self

I am evolving in isolation down here in Camden, NSW. I’ve got to say, it’s making me weird. When you are protected from the influence of society, a funny thing happens. Parts of you grow that were previously trampled. Take my dress sense. I have always been sartorially challenged but I am reaching new lows. […]

Note to my girls

I have two step daughters and three nieces and there are a few things I want them to know. The first thing: you are not here to be decorative. People will comment on your looks. They will compliment your figure, and tell you that you’re pretty. You will hear other women complaining and comparing, fretting […]