Embracing middle age

I am going to tell you a secret. I have always been middle aged. While there are many ways to gauge your age – chronologically, with one of those Real Age questionnaires, or even with how old you feel when you go to a night club – there’s your own internal clock that ticks along until one […]

The most important thing I’ve learnt this year

This year has been tough by any measure. The upside is that hard times teach you a lot about yourself and other people. The most important thing I’ve learnt is that if you focus on filling yourself up with peace, that peace will eventually overflow into other people’s lives. Same goes if you fill yourself up […]

Soul gardening

Do you know about how crop rotation works? How farmers don’t plant the same crop in the same place year after year? Humans are the same. We can’t keep producing, producing, producing without a rest. We need inputs. If you were a garden, you would need to be weeded, composted, fertilised and replanted. You may […]

Christmas gifts for people you hate

In keeping with my current Christmas gift-buying obsession, here’s my fail-proof guide to gifts for people you loathe: A leaf blower: You hate them. Soon, everyone else will too. A chutney gift pack: Has anyone ever used a Christmas chutney? This will live in their pantry and/or fridge and be moved from house to house, […]

Christmas presents for people like me

It’s around this time of year that I do terrible things to my credit card. I love Christmas and I love buying presents. If you are looking for gift ideas for middle-aged women who love Marimekko but wear K-Mart, here’s some things that I can personally recommend as being both ethical and excellent. Original artworks Art […]

Love your skin suit

Silence of the Lambs has made the concept of a skin suit a little bit too literal but stay with me folks. We are all born into a skin suit that is composed of pretty much the same stuff as everyone else’s. Our genes dominate what it will look like. Some people get an Armani, […]

Losing babies

The Spark and I have lost three babies this year – one in January and two in the past week. Without going into the excruciating details, all I can say is that this is a very common experience. Every second person I speak to shares their story of loss. One of the midwives who looked […]

Thoughts on happiness

I have become noticeably happier since I stopped reading women’s magazines. I rarely go shopping, and if I do, I don’t spend more than I can afford. I try not to shop from boredom or a sense of unworthiness (buying things to make me feel more socially acceptable, or cool, or professional). I care a […]

Stay away from The Jones’

I have been thinking about The Jones’, that mythical family who drive the status anxiety of the aspirational. Why would you want to keep up with wasteful, greedy mega-consumers? The Jones live in a mansion, drive new cars, have shiny white teeth and golden fake tans. They holiday often and throw fancy parties. But really? […]

Sacred places

I have always been a sucker for a crystal shop, a psychic reading and a tarot deck. As a godless heathen, these things allow me to connect to a sense of spirituality. Same goes for yoga, swimming, walking and Goddess cards. I am a tragic hippie cliche. Nevertheless, I think we all yearn for a […]