Life and stuff: How to save time


I never thought mopping would inspire me to do anything but here I am, writing a story about a mop – or to be specific – the best mop in the world. I have been slopping away at my polished board floors for years with a straggly-ass thing that eventually snapped in half because the handle rusted […]

Life and stuff: Choose life!


Where you live affects every aspect of your daily life. It influences what you do for a living, who you spend your time with and how you express yourself and critical health factors like weather, access to fresh food and community services. It’s one of the biggest decisions you will ever make and yet so many […]

Life and Stuff: Energy management


I am becoming increasingly aware of my energy levels; especially what makes me feel zingy and what makes me feel crap. In the morning, I find it very hard to sit still so it’s a great time for coffee meetings and phone calls where I can prance around the office playing, ‘Grown-Ups Talking About Important […]

Life and stuff: Overcommitted and overwhelmed


I have always had a problem with the word yes. ‘Would you like to work on this new project?’ Yes. ‘Wanna catch up for a drink?’ Yep. ‘Can you help me out on this job?’ Sure can. No is not a word I use very often. The problem is that I have said yes to […]

Life and stuff: The (trip) not taken by Louisa Deasey


This is a story about a trip I never took. It would have been quite ridiculous if it had come off, really. Lady Luck smiled on me one grey Melbourne Wednesday when I was absentmindedly checked Facebook to find that: A: A luxury travel PR had a free spot on an international famil B: I […]

Life and stuff: What to do when you royally f*ck up


I really f*cked something up at work today. It was an innocent mistake but the outcome was epic. It got me thinking about making mistakes in general. I have made loads of mistakes across just about every category of life. I was the one who left the duck’s cage open. I was the idiot who told the […]

Life and stuff: The etiquette of crying in public


Please blame Twitter for the fact that you are getting two back-to-back doses of my amateur philosophy this week. I asked whether I should blog about a) boobs, b) wine, or c) crying in public and the Twitterverse came back with a unanimous c). Crying in public. We have all done it at some point. I […]

Life and Stuff: Why it’s OK to be OK


I have read a lot of motivational books that encourage you to be the best you can be. I can dig that. I’m no slouch. But here’s the thing: since when did everyone have to be the ‘best’ at everything? Can’t we just try to be OK? There are lots of things that I would […]

Life and stuff: First world problems in a Thai paradise


I am writing this on a beach in Ao Nang in Southern Thailand. My work has brought me to a 5 star resort that costs more per night than I dare to think about. The sun is shining. The water is the colour of a Scandinavian’s eyes and I sit surrounded by baking Europeans. And […]

Life and stuff: The peach principle of beauty


There is nothing more disappointing than biting into a perfect looking peach only to discover that it’s floury, underripe and flavourless. Contrast this with biting into perfect looking peach that is bursting with flavour, juicy and squishy-licious. Ohhhh yeah. People are like that too. There is nothing more disappointing than meeting someone who looks like […]