Life and stuff: The (trip) not taken by Louisa Deasey


This is a story about a trip I never took. It would have been quite ridiculous if it had come off, really. Lady Luck smiled on me one grey Melbourne Wednesday when I was absentmindedly checked Facebook to find that: A: A luxury travel PR had a free spot on an international famil B: I […]

Life and stuff: What to do when you royally f*ck up


I really f*cked something up at work today. It was an innocent mistake but the outcome was epic. It got me thinking about making mistakes in general. I have made loads of mistakes across just about every category of life. I was the one who left the duck’s cage open. I was the idiot who told the […]

Life and stuff: The etiquette of crying in public


Please blame Twitter for the fact that you are getting two back-to-back doses of my amateur philosophy this week. I asked whether I should blog about a) boobs, b) wine, or c) crying in public and the Twitterverse came back with a unanimous c). Crying in public. We have all done it at some point. I […]

Life and Stuff: Why it’s OK to be OK


I have read a lot of motivational books that encourage you to be the best you can be. I can dig that. I’m no slouch. But here’s the thing: since when did everyone have to be the ‘best’ at everything? Can’t we just try to be OK? There are lots of things that I would […]

Life and stuff: First world problems in a Thai paradise


I am writing this on a beach in Ao Nang in Southern Thailand. My work has brought me to a 5 star resort that costs more per night than I dare to think about. The sun is shining. The water is the colour of a Scandinavian’s eyes and I sit surrounded by baking Europeans. And […]

Life and stuff: The peach principle of beauty


There is nothing more disappointing than biting into a perfect looking peach only to discover that it’s floury, underripe and flavourless. Contrast this with biting into perfect looking peach that is bursting with flavour, juicy and squishy-licious. Ohhhh yeah. People are like that too. There is nothing more disappointing than meeting someone who looks like […]

Life and stuff: Do you have a ‘city’ persona?


I realised something really weird on the weekend. I have a Sydney persona that is quite different to my quieter country self. Sydney Emma is way more defensive than Country Emma. She swears, she trash talks and she’s a bit of a smart ass. She is louder than the Country version and has better grooming […]

Life and stuff: Stop putting up with bullsh*t


Are there people in your life who make you feel like crap? People who expect a lot but give nothing back? People who are never there when you need them? This week I am taking a stand. I am not putting up with anymore bullsh*t. In typically airy-fairy style, this decision is based on two […]

Life and stuff: How to save money so you can blow it all on travel


To say I am hopeless with money is like saying Hitler wasn’t very good with people. My wallet is a vortex. Out of sheer necessity, I have perfected the art of living abundantly on a scant budget because I’ll be damned if a little thing like cash flow is going to impede my ability to […]

Life and stuff: Time vs money vs happiness


Money. Those numbers in your bank account, that clink in your purse. Tool or tyrant? Friend or foe? I can’t quite decide at the moment. I’ve changed my working life in order to be happier but as my bank balance dwindles, I am starting to question my decision. Was it really a good idea to […]