Life and stuff: Do you have a ‘city’ persona?


I realised something really weird on the weekend. I have a Sydney persona that is quite different to my quieter country self. Sydney Emma is way more defensive than Country Emma. She swears, she trash talks and she’s a bit of a smart ass. She is louder than the Country version and has better grooming […]

Life and stuff: Stop putting up with bullsh*t


Are there people in your life who make you feel like crap? People who expect a lot but give nothing back? People who are never there when you need them? This week I am taking a stand. I am not putting up with anymore bullsh*t. In typically airy-fairy style, this decision is based on two […]

Life and stuff: How to save money so you can blow it all on travel


To say I am hopeless with money is like saying Hitler wasn’t very good with people. My wallet is a vortex. Out of sheer necessity, I have perfected the art of living abundantly on a scant budget because I’ll be damned if a little thing like cash flow is going to impede my ability to […]

Life and stuff: Time vs money vs happiness


Money. Those numbers in your bank account, that clink in your purse. Tool or tyrant? Friend or foe? I can’t quite decide at the moment. I’ve changed my working life in order to be happier but as my bank balance dwindles, I am starting to question my decision. Was it really a good idea to […]

Life and stuff: Welcome to the new decade


We are only four days into 2011 and I have already; a) visited someone who is gravely ill in hospital, b) spoken to a very dear friend whose mother passed away and, c) had my grandmother tell me in all seriousness that she’s ‘on the way out’. The reason I am sharing this information is […]

Life and stuff: Time is the ultimate luxury


Around Christmas time, you see the words ‘indulge’, ‘spoil’, and ‘luxurious’ pop up a lot, usually as a way to make us spend more money. Why buy the $15 bubbly when you can buy French Champagne for $150? I think all this talk of ‘super-premium’ living is extremely misleading. Real luxury is a state of […]

Life and stuff: Things that are guaranteed to make people happy


Some things make everyone happy. They are as follows: Lollies thrown out into a crowd Streamers, confetti and balloons falling from the ceiling Sparklers Fireworks Finding money on the street Getting something good delivered to your home, school or office Winning Running through a sprinkler in summer Towels straight out of the clothes dryer Here […]

Inspirey words


Today’s post is dedicated to the dazzling brilliance of my very dearest, darlingest friend Lorraine Elliott aka NotQuiteNigella. She dared to dream big and, in addition to being Australia’s number one female blogger, she is about to publish her first book with Penguin Books. So without further ado, some inspirey Monday words for you, Dearest […]

Life and stuff: Fatty fatty boombalardy


Three weeks of eating whatever I want has turned me into a bit of a fat ass. I just spent ten months losing five kgs. I drank vegetable juice, I ate protein, I cross-trained; I suffered, dammit! To make matters worse, I have been reading a book called Between Mexico and Poland by Lily Brett […]

Life and stuff: Beauty has always been bonkers


Welcome to my new articulately titled ‘Life and Stuff’ section where I will discuss life … And stuff … I hope you like it! Humans have developed a strange relationship with their bodies. This is not a new thing by any means. Mayan nobility strapped boards to their babies heads so that the fontanelles fused […]