Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Thailicious


Forget bouts of Bali belly, getting lost in a city where you don’t speak the language or hostel dorm ‘rustlers’, the perennial challenge for travellers is what to do when you’re not travelling. I’ve found one of the best ways to get through the seemingly endless months between trips is to head overseas without ever […]

Lisa Travel Deal of the Week: 21% off Intrepid Tours


Birthdays are great. Especially when the person having the birthday decides to share the love – i.e. presents – with everyone else. In 2010 Intrepid Travel is turning 21 and to celebrate they’ve done away with the oversized novelty keys and knocked 21% off a range of tours around the world instead. This week we […]

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Barthelona!


Lisa’s Travel Deal of the week: Barthelona! Of all the cities I’ve visited in Europe, Barcelona is the one I could picture myself living in. Admittedly that doesn’t require a huge stretch of the imagination given how damn captivating this city is, but there was just something about its combination of beachy, laidback vibe with […]

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Observatory Hotel, Sydney


As a non-driver who spends her life traipsing around the city on foot, I often find myself mesmerised by buildings and wondering what it would be like to live/stay/play there if only I had enough time/money/friends with a key to said dwelling. One such building is The Observatory Hotel in The Rocks, whose classic facade […]

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Jeeves, get me a Fiji!


Jeeves, get me a Fiji! When this deal landed on my desk, my approval could be encapsulated in just one sentence: ‘You had me at butler service’. Because that is what you get with this 8-night Fiji package. Butler service. Along with flights from Sydney, accommodation in an ocean view room at Outrigger on the […]

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Campervans for $1 a day! SAY WHA?!


Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week Short of being paid to go (and if you find someone who does such a thing, please let me know!), holidays don’t get much cheaper than campervan relocations, where you pay a nominal amount, anywhere from $1-$25 a day, to drive a van from Point A to Point B […]

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: G’day USA


Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: G’day USA They said it would never happen again, but like so many they’s before them, they got it wrong. Over the past couple of weeks, airfares to the USA have dropped to the bargain-basement prices we haven’t seen since mid-2009, when airline execs across the land swore up […]

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week It’s been a long time between deals for me here at SheGoes.  After some time spent tramping the wilds of Victoria, I returned to Sydney and a house move that had me convinced it would have actually just been easier to stay in the wilds of Victoria and construct […]

Lisa’s Deal of the Week: Cruisy


Lisa’s Deal of the Week When it comes to cruising, there are plenty of agents in the sea offering cabins for next to nothing which, funnily enough, also tend to be next to the engines or akin to a matchbox in size. Every now and then though, a deal comes up that includes a cabin […]

Lisa’s Deal of the Week: New York, New York!


Lisa’s Deal of the Week The concept of globalisation is often loaded with negative connotations and lots of grumbling about McDonald’s and Apple, but occasionally it can be used for good instead of evil – like when the Travelzoo New York office tells the Sydney office about some amazing Broadway deals that we can then […]