Six pro dating tips

Dating isn’t a science, but it’s not a mystery either. There are things to remember and things to avoid whenever you try to impress guys. After all, they are fairly simple organisms when it comes down to it. If you’ve been struggling to snare promising guys recently, it might be a good idea to think […]

7 tips for female travellers dating abroad

Read on for an American woman’s tips for finding love on the road. Plenty of women travel the world either with friends or on their own. Most the time they will find themselves having a bit of a romance and possibly even meeting their future husband. While this is incredible and exciting, it is crucially important […]

Does fate need a helping hand?

When you’re setting out on a date there are about 1001 things that can go wrong. We’ve all sampled a few of them – let’s not get bogged down in the messy details – sometimes, for whatever reason, things don’t work out as you’d hoped. Let’s talk about the positives instead. From this glass half […]

Love stuff

I love honesty. I love courage. I want to have both. I have decided to start a new thing on here called Love Stuff. I am going to talk about love and spirit and beauty because truthfully, that’s what makes life worth living and yet we spend so little time talking about it. I signed […]