Blu babymoon

Planned romance is a fraught area, especially when life’s absurdities get in the way. That’s what happened with The Spark and I on our recent babymoon to Sydney’s five star Radisson Blu. I’m only six months pregnant but the next few months are crazy and before we know it, we won’t have had time to […]

Five best heritage venues in Sydney

You want to throw a party in a crumbly, old building? I hear you! I love heritage architecture, especially Victorian-era civic buildings that took decades to build and went waaaaay over budget. Here are my Sydney faves. 1. The Tearoom Located on the top floor of the Queen Victoria Building on George St, the tearooms are […]

Sydney’s best eats for >$20

I am no food blogger but I didn’t get this fat sitting around eating salad. I have lived in Sydney for over 12 years now (with a little tree change in the middle) and this is the greatest eating city in the world. Melbourne can suck my shashlik. Read on to reach Sydney food nirvana for […]

How to save money on car rentals in Sydney

Australia is a great holiday destination and Sydney is one of the most popular stop-off points for tourists. So if you are thinking of spending your next holiday in Sydney, here are 5 top tips to help you save some serious cash on the cost of car hire at Sydney airport. 1. Look for coupons […]

*Moving back to Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is one of those practical posts designed to alert you all to the fact I am *see subject line. I have loved my time in the country. I’ve had a blast growing veggies, mothering chickens and kicking my heels up at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. I’ve made some rad friends, spent time with […]

TEDx: Mind = blown

I have turned into a born again Tedx-ian. Every second sentence starts with, ‘When I was at TEDx…’ I apologise in advance for how annoying I am. But here’s the thing: it was that good. I have been working in PR for a long time and I’m immune to hyperbole. Jeez, I dole the stuff out […]

The Diamant Hotel and TEDx Sydney 2013

The Diamant Hotel, Potts Point

Being selected to be in the audience at TEDx Sydney 2013 rocked my world but presented some logistical challenges. I live in Tamworth. TEDx was in Sydney. I subsequently planned a mental couple of days catching up with friends and attending the conference, all with a nightmarish Greyhound commute thrown in. It was exhausting to even think about. […]

Sydney vs Tamworth

Louis Vuitton

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m happy living in Tamworth with a doubtful ‘as if’ look on their face. The truth is, I am happy but I’m also lonely sometimes. Ahh life.The things I miss about the city are: My old friends. People who know me well and presumably still tolerate me Food. Rare […]

Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre, Sydney


For a measly $5, Sydneysiders can have a resort-style swimming experience at the Lane Cove Aquatic Leisure Centre. It has a steam room, sauna, spa, ‘play’ pool and an indoor and outdoor lap pool. There’s a kiosk for mid-swim hydration and snacks, as well as a large changeroom and shower area. If the heat is killing you and […]

The new MCA, Sydney

China China

The good news is that it actually looks like a Museum of Contemporary Art.  The bad news is that the current collection looks like a garage sale. How are bog standard traditional aboriginal paintings on bark considered ‘contemporary’? And what’s with all the Year 12 major works? There are some stunning pieces such as Ah […]