*Moving back to Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is one of those practical posts designed to alert you all to the fact I am *see subject line. I have loved my time in the country. I’ve had a blast growing veggies, mothering chickens and kicking my heels up at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. I’ve made some rad friends, spent time with […]

Sydney vs Tamworth

Louis Vuitton

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m happy living in Tamworth with a doubtful ‘as if’ look on their face. The truth is, I am happy but I’m also lonely sometimes. Ahh life.The things I miss about the city are: My old friends. People who know me well and presumably still tolerate me Food. Rare […]

Tamworth Country Music Festival

I'm on a bull

Holy hootenanny! How different things can be when you’re the legal drinking age and the Tamworth City Council makes some intelligent organisational changes. I grew up in Tamworth and, like most other residents, feared the annual Country Music Festival. Toothless hillbillies would descend upon the town and blast tuneless noise at ever increasing volumes. The […]

Queen Quest 2013

Queen Elizabeth II

So I am an entrant in the Tamworth Country Music Festival Queen Quest 2013. I have always thought I would make an excellent monarch; doling out sweets to street urchins, flipping coins to peasants and generally entertaining the court with hilarious quips about cake and my wacky husband Louis. But I digress. Queen Quest is […]

The Big Egg?

The Big Egg

Have you heard about the campaign to borrow Australia’s big things and transport them to Christchurch? Mayor Bob Parker is trying to attract more Aussies to the Garden City by relocating the Big Pineapple, the Big Merino and other big Aussie  icons to his city. Well, Bob, I have another one for you: The Big […]

Tamworth is friendly

Dressing table

So I went to Lifeline to pick up a cute little vintage dressing table that I bought for $35 and two strangers helped me in a completely unsolicited fashion. I was carrying aforementioned dresser out to the car when Helper Number One, an old cocky (the Tamworth word for ‘farmer’) with sticky taped-up glasses stopped me and […]

I am moving to Tamworth


And there may well be peaches involved. Yes, friends,  I am returning to the wild North West; home of Country Music, the Golden Guitar and kooky religious groups. For every 10 people, there’s a church with a neon cross. It’s like being on the set of True Blood except there are no sexy vampires and no one can read minds. […]