Weird foods of the world


One thing that simultaneously amuses and horrifies me in other countries is the menu. I love that you can waltz up to a street vendor only to discover that your options are stuffed cockroaches, deep-fried crickets or pickled centipedes. That is something you most definitely cannot get at home. When I lived in Thailand, eating out […]

Foreign Correspondent: Charlotte Sandford


Name: Charlotte Sandford Age: 29 Occupation: Marketing Manager Where do you live?: Austin, Texas Why did you move there?: For love! My gorgeous man Ryan is Texan born and bred. What do you love about your town/city? The eclectic nature of the city; all sorts for fun, interesting and talented people sharing one common denominator, […]

Austin, Texas: The coolest city in America


OK, so I have only been to two cities in America and one of them was LA, as in LAX airport, but I am no stranger to hyperbole. In August this year, my fiancé Stevie and I won a trip to the US to meet Quentin Tarantino and attend a premiere of his latest film, […]