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It’s about this time of year that mama needs a long lie down. But here’s the thing: I have a 20 month-old toddler who wakes up at dawn every single day. There is no holiday on earth that can get around that crushing fact. So how can you combine a family holiday where you get […]

24 hours in Bangkok

Do you ever wonder if it’s worth taking the stopover option on a long haul flight? After my recent experience in Bangkok, I would definitely say yes. If you want to arrive at your destination feeling good, 24 hours in this crazy city can work wonders. Here are my tips for the ultimate 24 hours in […]

Fancy Bangkok


Holy schamoly. I have just spent the past two days in the Ratchaprasong district in Bangkok and it is fancy. I have been to Bangkok quite a few times and, every time I come back, I am struck by its increasing sophistication. That’s not to say it’s losing its soul. It’s still very much Thailand. […]

Spas in my eyes in Thailand


You know that look people get when they’re really, really relaxed? That unfocused middle distance gaze with droopy eyelids and a slack jaw? That’s how I looked after every spa treatment I had in Thailand, give or take an oil sheen and some smudged mascara. I tried three radically different spas; one city, one island […]

The Cave of Cock: Ao Nang, Krabi


I love a cock as much as the next person but a whole cave full of them? That’s what I call a tourist attraction! So it is in Ao Nang, Krabi. At the end of an idyllic white sand beach there is a cave that is chockers full of carved wooden wangs. Big ones, small […]

Dinner with David Thompson: Nahm at The Metropolitan, Bangkok


David Thompson has had 17 espressos today which accounts for the overly wide-eyed way he buzzes around his restaurant. He darts from one task to another with the air of someone deeply focused on each moment. One minute he is briefing a staff member in softly spoken Thai; the next he is swaggering up to […]

The rules of the nomad by Greta Lackey


The rules of the nomad By Greta Lackey I thought you were an international jet-setter? A phrase an ‘international jet-setter’ never wants to hear… It’s been nearly one year since my last overseas trip (which was to New Zealand – does that even count?). But it’s actually been about 3 years since I quit my […]

Packing Guide for Thailand and Vietnam


There are certain idiosyncrasies that it’s worth knowing about before you head off to South East Asia, particularly for the ladies, as there are quite strict standards of dress at some religious sites. Here’s my foolproof guide to not looking / feeling like a total d*ckhead in Asia: 1. Cover up It might be 35 […]

Thai Airways are my homies

I am not a fussy traveller. As a kid, I spent many long, hot hours crammed in the backseat of a sweltering Holden stationwagon with two other bigger, stronger kids. Needless to say, I was the thumpee, not the thumper when tensions arose. I am also the daughter of an aircraft engineer so I have spent many happy hours loitering in […]

Foreign Correspondent: Michael Delargy, Pattaya, Thailand

Name: Michael Delargy   Age: 40 (and thanks for asking!)   Occupation: Hotel Manager   Where do you live and how did you get there?: At the moment in Pattaya, Thailand. The route was a bit roundabout, from Dublin via London (where strangely I was introduced to Australian culture!) then into IT forsome reason and […]