Sponsored video: Airbnb’s fun new ad

I have had mixed experiences with Airbnb, the upshot being that I’m a terrible host but a good guest. I have stayed in Airbnb properties in Tasmania and Brooklyn, NY, with great success. What I found curious was that all around New York, there were ads promoting how Airbnb was helping residents pay their living […]

7 of the best travel apps

The days of having to carry around chunky travel guides, flimsy paper maps and heavy dictionaries on your travels are long gone. Today, all you need is your smartphone or tablet to do everything, from communicating with the locals and navigating your way around a new city, to finding the best places in town to […]

Adventures on Earth

Adventures on Earth COVER

My friend Lou’s new e-book is out and I can honestly say, it’s beautiful. As in, National Geographic beautiful. Lou has been pretty much everywhere and what I love is that she isn’t swayed by popular opinion. She goes with an open heart, mind and unfaltering curiosity. She has put together a bunch of her favourite […]

WWF launches wildlife tours

Holy panda cubs, homosapien friends! You can now book into fundraising tours with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) where you get to frolic around with pandas and orang-utans.The catch? You have to be a WWF supporter to qualify (ummm, easy – donate a few quid here). Details for the tours are as follows: China 1-12 June […]

Photobox comp

Em and Lou

Remember the days of films and albums and headless, underexposed people? I kind of miss that. Fortunately there is this new thing called Photobox where you can submit your photos and have them turned into canvas prints or photo books. Facebook albums are convenient but there’s something so archival about a hefty book. Because you guys are goddamn […]


Sakura Matsuri in Gion

Wouldn’t it be great if you could travel the world for free? Well, you kinda can. Couchsurfing.org is a website that hooks you up with hosts who are willing to share their homes with you, and gives you the chance to give back to the travel community in the form of your spare bed. My […]



My new friend Bee reminded me about couchsurfing the other day so I promptly signed up. I have a spare room and I spend half my life feeling semi-lonely because I’m a pack poodle as opposed to a lone wolf. I would happily welcome random travellers into my home, especially if they speak English. I have also […]

Should you use airbnb?


I am occasionally very stupid. Especially when I’m tired. I signed up to AirBnb with good intentions. I would join a travel community. I would welcome people. I would make money. What went wrong for me is that I forgot about the top lock on my front door. You know, that lock that you never […]

Tourism Australia’s new logo

Tourism Australia logo

Tourism Australia has a new logo. I don’t just like it. I am crazy about it. It’s brave. It’s colourful. It’s reminiscent of the halycon days when tourism was portrayed in a playful and artistic way that shouted ‘Adventure ahoy! Come to our exotic country!’  I am so bored of dull corporate whatever-ness. The beige-ification of the world […]

Tour Review: Contiki Western Europe


Name:Rachel Monk Age: 34 What tour company did you travel with?: Contiki Where did you go?:  All over Western Europe – Paris, Lucerne, Nice, Florence, Rome, Venice, Muich, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam and a couple of other random places. Who was your tour leader?: Tour Leader was Jenn, an early thirties American who has been living […]