Everybody loves ghd

ghd Wonderland

So I got given a ghd Wonderland to review. It showed up at work in a shiny peacock-coloured box. Even the guys were impressed. I took it home and my flatmates were intrigued. I felt like I’d brought a celebrity home. It sat on the dining room table, glimmering. The only problem is that my hair is […]



My new friend Bee reminded me about couchsurfing the other day so I promptly signed up. I have a spare room and I spend half my life feeling semi-lonely because I’m a pack poodle as opposed to a lone wolf. I would happily welcome random travellers into my home, especially if they speak English. I have also […]

iPod, iPad, Kindle or paperback?


How do you watch, listen and read when you’re travelling? Have you embraced the iPad? Or are you an iPod traveller, using those handy white plugs to block out everything from traffic noise to girl-next-door coitus? I’ve always been a die-hard paperback girl, loading up half of my luggage allowance with a stockpile of reading material. I’m also a […]

Travel Tech Review: Canon Powershot D10

I am really rough with cameras. Case in point: A couple of years ago, I went to an awards night and woke up with a cracking Champagne headache and crumpled blob of metal for a lens. All I remember is taking a pic of my friend Panda with Senator Stephen Conroy and kerchunk (that is […]