Trivia Tuesday: Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes

The island of Rhodes belongs to which Mediterranean country? Just so you know, this island has absolutely nothing to do with Rhodes Scholarships which are named after Cecil Rhodes, an Oxford scholar who also happened to be the founder of the De Beers diamond company. Who’s having a nerd burger for lunch? Go on … […]

Trivia Tuesday


To celebrate the Southern Hemisphere spring, today’s Trivia Tuesday comes with open-toed footwear. That’s right kids – if you are one of the first ten people to answer these five questions correctly, you will win a pair of Dupe thongs – huzzah! What are Dupes? They are the super soft Brazilian sister brand to Havaianas. […]

Trivia Tuesday


What is the capital of Uzbekistan? Has anyone been there? What is there to do there on a Saturday night?

Trivia Tuesday

Portland Oregon

Props to the people of Portland who are, according to an OkCupid survey, the frontrunners in that casual sex stakes. Looking to, erm, make friends in the States? Make sure you add these cities to your itinerary: Portland (Oregon; not Maine) Seattle Pittsburgh Miami San Francisco Dallas San Bernardino (California) Denver San Diego Houston Where […]

Trivia Tuesday

China flag

China is so interesting. It is one of the oldest civilisations on earth and was originally ruled by imperial dynasties (see: Ming, Tang, Qing, etc). Marco Polo was the first person to call it China and also popularised the term ‘china’ for porcelain. It was Mao Zedong, of Little Red Book fame, who first called it The People’s […]

Trivia Tuesday


Until recently, I had never actually wondered this. Latin is one of those things that just is, like the sun or the stars or the neverending production of Law & Order: SVU. Guess what? It originated in the Latium region of Italy near the River Tiber and was spoken by Ancient Romans. Read more on […]

Trivia Tuesday: What was New Zealand’s ‘Shrek’?


‘Shrek’ was a sheep that went walkabout and was discovered in a cave three years after he disappeared.

Trivia Tuesday: What is the name of the world’s newest country?


Did you know that a new country was created at 12.01am on Saturday 9th July, 2011? After two civil wars spanning 50 years and the death of over 2 million people, the Republic of South Sudan has formed. What were they fighting about? Ostensibly, religion. The north is primarily Arab and Muslim and the south […]

Trivia Tuesday: What is the national currency of Zambia?


If you have 100 ngwee, you would have one kwacha. The kwacha is one of the world’s most inflated currencies. Currently $1 AUD = 5, 161.40 ZMK. To give you some idea of the immense purchasing power of the kwacha, 25, 000 ZMK will buy you 15 minutes of glacial dial-up internet access; an exchange that […]

Trivia Tuesday + WIN: Who has been eating my porridge?

Police officers in Slovenia get asked this question a lot. There are so many brown bears in this small Balkan nation that they export them to other European countries to help them repopulate their wilderness areas. Funnily enough, the little girl population is inversely pegged to the bear population, while porridge consumption remains suspiciously stable. […]