Top-rated tourist attractions in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a wonderland of natural attractions, with volcanoes, beaches, cloud forests, and unique wildlife. This is a country that appeals as much to birdwatchers and luxury-focused travellers as it does to surfers and backpackers. It may be a small country in land mass, but Costa Rica is one of the world’s biggest natural […]

Becoming your authentic self

I am evolving in isolation down here in Camden, NSW. I’ve got to say, it’s making me weird. When you are protected from the influence of society, a funny thing happens. Parts of you grow that were previously trampled. Take my dress sense. I have always been sartorially challenged but I am reaching new lows. […]

Swimming holes in Sydney’s South West

Freshwater swimming holes are one of my favourite things.  I have spent years ogling the pictures of people lounging about in waterholes in the Northern Territory (the ones without crocodiles) so it was with great delight that I realised that my new neighbourhood has loads of swimming holes of its own. I have been on […]

The circuit

I have a theory. It’s nothing new but I thought I would share it with you anyway. I believe that love is a circuit. You only get out what you put in. I am fortunate in the sense that I have an abundance of love and support around me. Subsequently, I believe that it is […]

Instagram Film Festival

Are you Instagram’s answers to the Coppola family? The Godfather of 15 second film making? The Sofia of social media? Well, there’s still time to score a place on a VIP launch cruise later this year. Royal Caribbean’s Instagram Film Festival is looking for the Instagram film that bests captures a ‘wow’ moment and the winner […]

The Bahamas

The Bahamas

By Courtney Black For adventure-lovers, The Bahamas are perfect. The islands are situated in such a way that it looks like Indiana Jones or another adventurer came up with them in some late night snack induced dream. For centuries, wily adventurers have converged upon the 700 islands. Easily one of the more popular activities in the […]

Life+Stuff: Dumped


I got dumped on New Year’s day. I felt relieved. I couldn’t explain it at the time but once the hangover had subsided and my perspective returned, it made sense. This guy was complicated. He had three small children, a strained relationship with his ex, was living with his parents and was trying out his […]

Travel Tales: Dianne Garbin


Name:Dianne Garbin Age: 62 Occupation: Managing Director –  Floreat World of Travel Favourite travel destination?: Croatia Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: Seafood platter overlooking the Zat, Bol, Croatia, with a glass of bubbles. Best kiss?: Still waiting for it! Best/scariest/funniest drive?: Scenic, hair raising and with good, funny company  – Jabal Al Akhdar […]

New direction for SheGoes


Aloha Beautiful People! I just made a big decision. Rather than focusing on travel, I have decided to expand SheGoes to include all manner of juicy, delicious, joyful things. Because I am a country girl with a full-time job again, I am not able to travel as much (boo hoo) as I used to. I am […]

Travel Tales: Ben Alcock

With Spencer in Virginia

Name: Ben Alcock Age: 41 Occupation: Product Development Manager – Flight Centre Global Product; Travel blogger – Disarm Doors and Crosscheck; and regular contributor to ABC North Coast’s ‘Planes, Passports & Postcards’ radio segment with Jo Shoebridge. Favourite travel destination?: I grew up reading Tintin books and he was regularly caught up in some Latin […]