Top 10 ‘go there’ movies


Travel movies represent the blessed union of two of my favourite things in the world; travel and movies. How many times have I watched a film only to spend immeasurable amounts of time fantasising about the place it was set? Here are the Top 10 movies that have made me want to go there: 1. Out of Africa […]

Meeting the Prince of Wales


It wasn’t as exciting as you may think – it was the Prince of Wales in the guise of a hospital in Randwick. Close observers of SheGoes will have noticed that Monday and Tuesday this week were bereft of posts. This is because I was checked into said medical accommodation having undergone some rather sudden surgery. Survivors […]

Songs for the road


Every trip I have ever been on comes with a soundtrack. This all started with the annual drive to South West Rocks. My Dad always played tapes of the Johns – Williamson and Farnham. I know all the lyrics to ‘Hey True Blue’ and ‘You’re the Voice’, a handy skill if ever there was one. Mum, on the other […]



Barcelona By Lauren Barker She has soul, this old girl, and an easy way of getting under the skin. Her streets are a smudge of colour, her heartbeat erratic. Everywhere, there is life. From the old barflies in the taverns to the nippers on the beach, the pursuit of pleasure steers the way. The city […]

The Ubiquity of Bob Marley


I was reading a short story recently wherein the protagonist asked his most widely travelled friend about the commonalities between countries – essentially, what was the same everywhere. The answer was, ‘The ubiquity of sparrows.’ This is a startlingly true observation. There are sparrows everywhere. The only country where I didn’t see a lot of sparrows was Vietnam (birds […]

Foreign Correspondent: Georgia Keighery


Name: Georgia Keighery Age: (actual age) 31, (emotional age) 12. Occupation: Writer Where do you live?: I live in an area of Singapore know as Tanjong Rhu (home of the many blocks of condominiums that house the countless expats that live in this city). Why did you move there?: I moved here because my husband, […]

Why do we travel?


There are so many reasons to board the plane. Sometimes we are running away from our jobs, responsibilities and the repetition of the same faces over and over again. Broken hearts and bored minds have sold more berths than sound reasoning could ever justify. Sometimes we are running to something – a place we have patiently […]

Do you want to be a travel writer?


Hello Fair Citizen of SheGoesica, Do you dream of sharing your travel stories with the world? Have you recently been on a trip? Do you simply like reviewing travel-related books, films and gadgets? If you answered yes to any of the above, SheGoes wants you! SheGoesica is a democracy and as self-appointed Communications Director, I want […]

Travel Tales: Chris Sheedy


Name: Chris Sheedy Age: 38  Occupation: Professional writer Favourite travel destination? Why?: The city of Rome, because it represents everything good about the world – history, future, passion, fashion, food, wine, community, art, beauty, decay, life and death. Worst travel experience? What happened?: High on a mountain in the Nepal Himalaya, completely lost as dark […]

Death Traps of South East Asia


I once tripped over a wonky piece of concrete in Camperdown and broke my toe. I considered telling the local council about it just so they knew that I could have sued them. Flash forward to my recent trip to Bali and I am taking a stroll around Seminyak, an upmarket beach suburb. It turns […]