Josh on the boat

Josh Crouthamel

One of my all-time favourite people in the world is Josh Crouthamel.  Why do I love him so? That’s an easy one … joie de vivre!  He is like Tigger. After some red cordial. On a sunny day. And now he is sailing around the world on a boat full of university students and professors doing […]

Vintage Airline Posters

One word: FABULOUS.

Travel Tales


Name: Ben Hutchings Age: 28 Occupation: Manager, Paperbark Camp Favourite travel destination?: Berlin because, for me, travel success is gauged on the people I meet along the way. I try to shy away from tourist traps and generally won’t even visit the proclaimed ‘must see’ sites to a destination as I seek true community fun. […]

Stuck in Customs

One of my number one favourite redheads sent me a link to this blog to cheer me up (I am having a craptacular week). Check out Stuck in Customs for an escape into a world of exceptional photography. Here’s a relevant quote that I like: ‘Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.’ […]

What do you think?


Dearest Good Looking People, I need your help. What do you want to see more of on this blog? Are you happy? How can I make you happier? I live to serve you, Precious Readers. Can you please give me some brutally honest feedback? Bring it on. My loins are girded (what the hell does […]

Blossom Media lives: A freelancer by any other name …


I love freelancing. I love walking downstairs in the morning, making a cup of coffee and switching on my computer. I love wearing my pyjamas until noon and listening to my music while I work. I feel much more peaceful when I work from home. I nap when I’m tired, I make fresh salads for lunch and I […]

To HEL and back: The top five things to do in Helsinki


Did you wonder where I disappeared to this past week? Did you think I’d run off and joined a burlesque troupe named Rosie Gardens and the Kinky Hos? The truth is that I went to HEL – otherwise known as Helsinki – on a work trip. Helsinki is an effortless city in summer; all straightforward […]

Travel Tales: Julie Tyers, journalist, mother and domestic goddess


Name: Julie Tyers Age: 42 Occupation: Journalist, mother and domestic goddess Favourite travel destination? Why?: Close call between Koh Samui and NYC – but I reckon Thailand wins as it never fails to relax and nourish me on many levels. Worst travel experience?: Last June we flew to the UK with our two kids. On […]

Let’s all drink Champagne in a Cook Islands paradise


I am obsessed with three things at the moment: 1) Words with Friends, 2) Twitter, 3) the Cook Islands. The First Husband and I are planning a trip to the Cook Islands because Air New Zealand are launching direct flights from Sydney to Rarotonga in July, meaning that it only takes 6 hours to get there […]

Travel Tales: Lisa Perkovic, journalist and photographer


Name: Lisa Perkovic Occupation: My email signature says journalism and photography but on top of that I’m Deputy Editor of Digital Photography Magazine and have a travel blog attached to my website. I’ve contributed to Australian Traveller, Luxury Travel, Get Up and Go, Photoshop Australia and the SMH and Sun Herald travel sections. Favourite travel […]