You have permission to wag school


Dear Employee [insert your name for credibility]. You have been working very hard and you need a day off. It’s at least three months before I will let you go on holidays. Your weekends are spent doing housework and going to weddings/christenings/birthdays parties. I know that you want a day that is all yours; where […]

Life and stuff: Overcommitted and overwhelmed


I have always had a problem with the word yes. ‘Would you like to work on this new project?’ Yes. ‘Wanna catch up for a drink?’ Yep. ‘Can you help me out on this job?’ Sure can. No is not a word I use very often. The problem is that I have said yes to […]

The sexiest place in the world


Where is it? I want to go there, wear La Perla and pay ridiculous import tax on Champagne. The sexiest place I have ever been to is Mira Flores in Peru (crumbling Spanish architecture, a touristy-Bondi vibe and ultra-friendly waitstaff serving the best seafood soup in the world). Thailand doesn’t do it for me, despite […]

For Japan: Love and a poem


This is my favourite poem and it is written by a Japanese poet. I just want to acknowledge the huge tragedy that has befallen the Japanese people and send them our greatest love and greatest compassion in this exceptionally sad time. This poem resonates with me because sometimes I feel like I am always trying […]

Travelling with a dietary disclaimer by Jen McDermott


Travelling with a dietary disclaimer By Jen McDermott Have you ever been to someone’s house for dinner, only to find that dish they’ve lovingly prepared and served up containssomething that you absolutely cannot bring yourself to eat whether due to allergies, a gag-inducing distaste or moral choice? As an (almost) lifetime vegetarian, if I had […]

Friday funnehs


Hands up if you’ve gotten any sleep this week? You there … I hate you! Not really but holy macarena it’s been hot in Sydney. I’m feeling about as second hand as a Richard Marx cassingle so I thought that instead of writing something grown-up, I would run with hilarity. Unbridled hilarity. Dear Noah, We […]

The music is all around us by Genevieve Frew


The Music Is All Around Us By Genevieve Frew Prior to a recent overseas trip, I prided myself on being organised enough to download my iPod songs onto my new iPhone (OK, my thirteen year old did if for me) so I could enhance my travel experience with just one single accessory. So much for […]

Give a girl the world this Christmas: NP Set beautyliciousness


There are some major perks that come with being a blogger. Notwithstanding the huge financial rewards (OK, that was clearly a joke), I do get sent some pretty fabulous things to try out from time to time. The most recent delivery came from Napoleon Cosmetics for the launch of their new NP Set range. Q: […]

Where am I Wednesday?


Most souvenirs fall into two categories: 1. Ugly 2. So ugly they’re funny That is why I was surprised when I received a package of Aussie Treasures, a new range of Australian souvenirs. These cute little guys are handpainted and made from environmentally friendly plantation birchwood. Because it’s nearly Christmas and you’ve been very good […]

Life and stuff: Fatty fatty boombalardy


Three weeks of eating whatever I want has turned me into a bit of a fat ass. I just spent ten months losing five kgs. I drank vegetable juice, I ate protein, I cross-trained; I suffered, dammit! To make matters worse, I have been reading a book called Between Mexico and Poland by Lily Brett […]