Happy Birthday SheGoes!


Our baby is one! The first post went live on September 24th, 2009. Since then, there have been 229 posts about everything from nudist beaches to eating insects in rural China. You have all contributed, whether by sharing your stories, commenting on posts, providing feedback and advice or simply by reading SheGoes. I believe in […]

The single girls guide to travelling alone by Clare Griffin


The single girls guide to travelling alone   by Clare Griffin So, you want to travel the globe but don’t know where to start and don’t have anyone to go with? An adventure is within yourreach and you don’t have to wait for someone to go with you. In fact, you’ll have a better adventure if […]

Best cities to see by bike by Jen McDermott

Best cities to see by bike By Jen McDermott Despite some of Sydney’s most high-profile politicians – Clover Moore and Kristina Keneally – regularly publicising the positives of getting around by bike, the relationship between cyclist and motorist in this city remains strained at best. Which is a shame really, because travelling around Europe proves […]

30 Days Has September


Happy Spring everyone! Goodbye long, dark winter of the soul … Hello swimming, thongs and cold beer! To celebrate this VERY HAPPY DAY, I have decided to participate in something called 30 Days Has September. For the next month, I have committed to doing something new every day. It can be as simple as walking […]

SheGoes 1st Birthday Party


Dear *insert your own name here*, You are invited to the SheGoes first birthday party on Thursday 23rd September, 2010. It starts at 7pm and it’s in Sydney. The problem I am currently facing is WHERE? So, in the true spirit of community, I am asking you where you would most like to go. Most […]

Top Four Weird and Wonderful Festivals of the World by Jen McDermott


Top Four Weird and Wonderful Festivals of the World By Jen McDermott   I think I’m coming down with festival fever… it’s a nasty case, really. Symptoms include constantly feeling distracted at work (as I constantly refresh gig guides and line ups), poverty (with tickets over $100 a pop) and frustration (hurry up, hurry up…). […]

Home, sweet home


Getting home from overseas is a bittersweet experience. Sweet because you get to see all your people (and in my case, puppies), sleep in your own bed and have access to a full wardrobe (which is especially nice when you’re on your last pair of clean undies and you’re pushing 48 hours in them).  Bitter […]

Off to Thailand and Vietnam I go, hi, ho …


You read it right, homies. As you take your first sip of morning coffee, I will be sitting on a Thai Airways jet headed for paradise. As you walk outside for lunch, I will be flying over South East Asia. When you get home tonight, I will be hanging out in my hotel in Bangkok, […]

The East Gippsland TAFE Travel Writing Awards


Do you love travel writing? Are you a fan of money? Do you love travelling with money? If you answered yes three times, boy, have I got the competition for you! The East Gippsland TAFE Travel Writing Awards are on again. All you have to do is write a 1500 word article in any style […]

Lisa Travel Deal of the Week: 21% off Intrepid Tours


Birthdays are great. Especially when the person having the birthday decides to share the love – i.e. presents – with everyone else. In 2010 Intrepid Travel is turning 21 and to celebrate they’ve done away with the oversized novelty keys and knocked 21% off a range of tours around the world instead. This week we […]