Blogger love: Blogs that rock my world


When I first heard about blogs way back in 2000 and something-or-other, I thought ‘yeah, WHATEVER’. This from a girl whose greatest career ambition in high school was to be a flair bartender. Clearly, I am not a) very bright, b) an early adopter, or c) in any way psychic. Blogs rock my world. In […]

Tipster Tuesday: Thailand and Vietnam


Guess who’s going to Thailand and Vietnam in two weeks’ time? Uh, that would be me.   The utterly delightful people at Thai Airways are sending me on a little adventure. To say I am excited would be like saying the Dalai Lama is a good bloke. I am beside myself. I am travelling from 3rd […]

The Top 10 Travel Highlights (so far)


I have a highlight reel that I run through my mind whenever I think about my travels; favourite moments that I flash back to with a sense of dumbfounded elation; ‘How did I wind up there?’   Here’s my Top 10 Travel Highlights (this week, anyway): 1. Watching the sun rise over Macchu Picchu 2. […]

Travel Tales: Sarah Ayoub, Freelance Journalist, PhD Student & Blogger at


Name: Sarah Ayoub Age: 24 Occupation: Freelance Journalist, PhD Student & Blogger at Favourite travel destination?: I loved Paris, Switzlerland and Santorini but my all-time favourite place has to be Lebanon. My parents are Lebanese and I have been there twice in my 24 years. I am hoping to take my Anglo-Saxon man there […]

The naked truth about nudist beaches


I often get accused of being a hippie because I like rainbows and soy chai and Goddess cards. It’s for this reason that I always thought I would love going to a nudist beach. All that freedom and nature and sun-on-bare-skin – what’s not to like? Well, school boys and weird old English swingers, for […]

Should I stay or should I go?: Freedom vs security


Committing yourself to a life of adventure takes courage. Intrepid travel is uncomfortable, risky and bloody hard work. Lost passports, stolen wallets, dodgy food, bed bug infested mattresses, frigid nights spent waiting for trains that never come and backpacks full of dirty clothes that you have been wearing for the past three weeks … Sometimes […]

Jet lag cure: Beaming with Health Flight Control tisane


I cannot tell you how much it sucks when you can’t sleep (new mums and dads, you know what I’m talking about). I am from a family of major insomniacs and I have come to the conclusion that the problem is genetic. I have felt completely, crushingly jet lagged for the past month so the […]

Win tickets to the Bondi Bergstation at the Bondi Winter Magic Festival


Want to go ice skating at Bondi Beach? Umm, sure, and then we’ll fly to the moon on the back of a big, sparkly unicorn and the stars will turn into Torville & Dean and the whole cast of Glee will sing ‘Like a Prayer’. Wha-hey! Sounds a bit ‘kooky dream sequence’ but the first […]

A Night at the Asylum: La Trobe at Beechworth and Beechworth Ghost Tours

‘Red rum, red rum,’ I say to my travelling buddy Jamie as we pass a dimly lit conference centre. We are lurking around the grounds of La Trobe at Beechworth looking for McCarthy Cottage. Bare branches claw the leaden sky and elderly fir trees hunch together in the mist.  It’s cold and dark and we […]

Open love letter to my peeps

To my readers, the fact that you read my blog brings inordinate amounts of happiness to my day.  To my contributors, sincerely, thank you. I am so grateful for your stories, your insight and your adventurous spirit. One day I am going to pay you with gold bullion and caviar but until then, I owe […]