Top travel sites by Melanie Mahoney


Top travel sites By Melanie Mahoney (Prelude: It goes without saying that She Goes belongs on – nay, tops – this list. These are the best of the rest.) Step 1: Book your trip Looking for a dirty weekend, last minute holiday, or just a fun local activity? Browse  for the best offers from around […]

Win a 7 day Jucy campervan rental

Being on a budget sucks. Everytime I spend money on something non-essential, I feel really guilty and horrible which really detracts from the overall pleasure of the purchase. Case in point: This morning. I went to the chemist to buy a nail file and came away with two nail polishes (black sateen and goddess), lip […]

Navman People’s Choice Awards


Navman People’s Choice Awards Navman and Keep Australia Beautiful launched the People’s Choice Award for Australia’s favourite Tidy Town. Basically, it is sort of a beauty/ popularity contest of towns that also happen to be eligible for the Tidy Towns official program. The winning town receives a $10,000 grant for a community project and 10 […]

A holiday in a bottle


Every country has its drink. Peru has Pisco Sours and Chicha, Thailand has Sang Thip and Singha. Wherever you go in the world, there is always one or two tipples that are served in every bar that are usually cheap and locally produced (read: nasty and fermented with saliva). What I thought might be a bit […]

COCO – International Dog of Leisure by Genevieve Frew


COCO – International Dog of Leisure By Genevieve Frew As I put my daughter to bed the other night, she needed cheering up.  So I tucked Coco into bed with her and remarked that Coco was an extremely well-travelled little dog indeed. Coco is a black Labrador puppy who came into our lives seven years […]

Perth perhaps by Maggie Videan


Perth perhaps? By Maggie Videan Depending on where you live, Perth is a decent old flight for us Easterners. It is five hours over and, with tail winds, about four hours back. So, ideally, you may want to spend more than a few days there or try and work in another Western Australian destination to make the […]

Best City in the World

I was recently asked to write a post for Tourism Sydney’s Best City in the World blog which was very, very, very exciting. Here is my story, live on the interwebs: A lady named Jeanette asked me to expand on which streets/suburbs I was referring to in this post. Well, my friends, I was being […]

I’m coming to stay…


These words strike fear into my foolish heart. I like visitors; I really do. They come, they visit, they leave. It’s the stayers I worry about. I have a very bad habit of inviting people to everything. Seriously, buy me a drink and I will invite you to my wedding. I am that kind of […]

Tourism Australia wants you!


Want to win a $25,000 Australian holiday? What’s that? Did you say, ‘Hell, yes!’? Tourism Australia is running a competition to find the best Australian Holiday experiences. All you have to do is submit a photograph from a recent Aussie holiday, along with a 25 word explanation of what you loved about it. Here’s a […]

The Geography of Beauty: Hot or not?


In some countries, I am considered beautiful, and yet in other countries, I am considered a blubbery, white freak show. The conclusion I have drawn is that beauty is as cultural as anything else. My friend Tennille who is currently living in India recently wrote about a particularly cringeworthy visit to the beauty salon. She was told by […]