How far would you go to win a trip to New Zealand?

win-a-trip-to-new-zealandI am very susceptible to flattery. If you invite me to your media launch because you like my blog, I will go. Hell, if you have even heard of my blog, I will fawn all over you and titter like a chorus girl from The Mikado.

That’s how I wound up at the rugby on a Saturday night.

Let’s just say it’s not my natural habitat.

Nonetheless, I fronted up because there was the promise of free alcohol and the aforementioned flattery.

The launch was for The Great Crusade, a Qantas initiative run in conjunction with their sponsorship of the Wallabies.

Notwithstanding the connection to rugby, there is a fairly fabulous prize in the offing; a self-drive campervan tour around New Zealand where you and your partner-in-crime get to frolic at wineries, bungee jump and generally soak up fresh air and vodka. If you’re into the foozeball, you will be stoked about this; you also get to go to World Cup Rugby games.

To enter, you need to make ‘… an original and attention grabbing video that shows just how far you’d go to support your chosen team. Each week, you (or your team), can upload a new video to increase your points tally. Also keep an eye out for ways to earn bonus points to improve your standing on the leaderboard.’ Click here for full details.

I think someone should make a video of themselves getting a moko tattooed on their face. Winning, non?

Who’s up for it?

One Response to “How far would you go to win a trip to New Zealand?”
  1. Emma Lovell says:

    Hahaha girly you are so funny.

    Generally I’m not a fan of Video entries for competition. Too hard basket. However it seems to be the way of the future.

    In saying this, I entered the Ben & Jerry’s competition for Flavour Campaigner with a video and I won an I phone 4 and got to campaign and get free ice cream for 6 weeks….. hmmm

    making video now!! I HEART competitions!

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