Travel product review: Travel stories with a twist

travel-stories-with-a-twistTravel stories with a twist

By Maggie Videan

Corban & Blair purveyors of fine stationery products have launched a brand new set of Travel Stories ‘conversation starters’. These nifty little sets of cards get people talking about their trips away.

We liked the idea so much we snaffled a set to giveaway – that’s how much we love you!

All you do is gather a few friends together, grab a pack of Travel Stories (available from David Jones for RRP $25) and off you go, with or without your passport.

Each card has one question and the pack spans everything from quirks you may have when you travel, to budgeting tips, to favourite destinations. Bring out the pack after a few red wines the tall tales get even taller.

In order to win a pack of these fun cards, all you need to do is answer this randomly selected question from the deck: ‘What is the first thing you do when you get home from a big trip?’

Weirdest answer wins!

11 Responses to “Travel product review: Travel stories with a twist”
  1. admin says:

    This is in no way weird (I don’t think) but I usually cuddle/talk to my dogs for about half an hour when I get home from a big trip. Dash, the little one, gets very clingy so I usually walk around with him on my shoulder (maybe that is weird). Anyway, it’s the best homecoming ritual ever! So much love.

  2. Bev Malzard says:

    If I’m not too wasted I unpack, throw everything in the wash, put my toiletries away and shove the empty suitcase under the bed, then sit back and relax. I make a cup of my favourite tea, and have a few gratitude as to where I’ve been and where I have comeback to.

  3. Rachel says:

    Depending on the time and how bad the jet lag may be I can either a) start regaling stories of my adventures to my friends and family but because I’m so amped up they normally come gushing out of me. The stories meld together as I talk at supersonic speed.
    Or b) Dump the dirty clothes in the laundry and then just flake out in front of the TV being grateful to have absolute power over my remote control again.
    There is also the quick messages to family to tell them I’ve arrived home safe too.

  4. Shaun says:

    I usually crawl to the corner of the room, put my arms around my knees so I am in a fetal position, and repeat “Never again” like a mantra.

    Ha ha ha just kidding. Sort of.

    Actually this is typically only my reaction after one of those “hard” trips. The kind where you have to squat in the woods to go to the loo.


  5. Cousin Mick says:

    Apart from all the catching up and drinking…If it has been a extended trip, ALL I want to do is hit a couch and watch some movies

  6. mel says:

    After greeting my cat in an awkwardly long and gushy fashion, I unpack my souvenirs and decorate my house with them, and sort out the ones I’m going to give to people. Because putting up an Ecuadorian wall hanging and placing a Vegas shot glass on a shelf means you’re still TOTALLY on holidays, right? (My clothes and toiletries only get unpacked on a need-it-now basis… I hate unpacking!)

  7. Genevieve Frew says:

    Well, I am a genuine cleanliness and tidiness freak (husband says I have OCD) so as we usually have someone staying here whilst away, I can’t even have the first cup of tea without cleaning the whole kitchen and then, of course, every item of clothing that comes out of the suitcase has to go into the wash, even if they were washed whilst away. Then at least one load of laundry is put on, whilst…
    … every other thing that is unpacked has to be cleaned, and put away in it’s proper place, or put into an appropriate pile for dealing with later. Then the suitcase also gets cleaned, when I’m finished. Also, being extremely methodical, this can take quite a while, possibly hours.
    Consequently, I can exhaust myself, and undo all that holiday bliss, upon my arrival home.
    Meanwhile, husband empties suitcase within minutes of arriving into the house(even from overseas trips) and plonks himself in front of television, and asks me what we should eat…

  8. Nik says:

    A long, hot shower followed by the ceremonial cracking of a just-purchased, oversized, bottle of duty-free grog … the best homecoming gift to hook into & share with friends who are thirsty enough to sit & endure my travel tales.

  9. admin says:

    The wait is over! Thanks for sharing all the weird and wonderful home coming antics. Whatever you may get up to when you get home, the point is that is usually so darn good to be home!

    Our guest judge, Gill Corban of Corban and Blair, thinks Mel and her immediate need to embellish her home with travel nick knacks needs some Travel Cards so she can collaborate with her friends as to her next ‘away’ shopping spree!

    We might draw another random card to share another Travel Story very soon… So stay tuned!

    Mel, a set of Travel Cards are flying your way. Now just where will they be displayed?

  10. mel says:

    Funnily enough, they’ll probably sit next to a pack of McSweeney’s postcards I got as a souvenir at the San Francisco Musuem of Modern Art. I really do love souvenirs!

    Thanks for the prize!!

  11. Sharon says:

    I clean all the frog dung off the toilet so that its safe for us to use again. We have a fairly extensive frog family living in our outside toilet and when we go away they tend to take over. I also have a quick scan to make sure that the little bat who sleeps in there during the day is safe also.

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