La route du bonheur

I came across this concept, meaning ‘road to happiness’, in a press release earlier this week.

Road with trees

La route du bonheur leads to some unexpected places

I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

My route to happiness travels through wild, natural country. It’s all bohemia, bacchanalia and bravery; tattooed warriors, courtesans and explorers.

A big lesson for me is that not everyone’s road is the same as mine. Not everyone wants to cross the border, put their foot down and floor it to the next frontier.

Some people are happy staying home. Others are happy being alone. Some people are afraid of (or not interested in) what’s out there.

The most important thing is that we have a road to happiness and that we’re actively travelling on it. The beautiful thing is that it’s a journey. If you’re not happy today, stay on the road – you’ll get there eventually.



2 Responses to “La route du bonheur”
  1. Aims says:

    Great post Em x

  2. Natureboy says:

    Does bonheur literally translate to ‘good hour’. I guess that’s like good times?

    Lovely post Em. It’s a question that I’ve learned to ask myself over the last two years, “Are you happy?”.

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