Lisa’s Deal of the Week: Art-tastic

lisas-deal-of-the-week-art-tasticLisa’s Deal of the Week

We’ve seen a lot of hotel deals here at Travelzoo Towers but never before have we had a deal that includes a miniature paint set – until now. Be among the first to experience Melbourne’s brand spanking new art hotel, The Olsen, which opened its doors last week and is offering a special opening rate of just $149 per night. That’s 35% off the usual rates and also includes an upgrade, late check-out and paint set, all served with a side of artistic inspiration courtesy of the works of Archibald Prize-winning artist John Olsen that adorn the hotel. Click here for more info.

Ed’s Note: Feel free to bring home an original John Olsen for me. Not that I’m endorsing theft, nosirree. I am merely mentioning that if you wind up at my door with a painting, I will let you in.

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